Helena Public Art Committee

The City of Helena Public Art Committee was created by resolution of the Helena City Commission on November 16, 1998 to serve as an advisory committee to the City Commission. Mission Statement: The Helena City Commission established the Helena Public Art Committee (HPAC) to promote community awareness of and involvement in providing public art in Helena. HPAC's mission is to commission, maintain, and acquire high quality professional public art.


(PDF, 165KB)(PDF, 165KB)(PDF, 165KB)6/25/2024 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 165KB)
5/15/2024 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 165KB)
4/17/2024 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 242KB)
3/20/2024 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 473KB)
2/21/2024 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 136KB)  
1/17/2024 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 164KB)
12/20/2023 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 860KB)
11/15/2023 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 494KB)
10/18/2023 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 2MB)
9/20/2023 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 7MB)
8/16/2023 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 139KB)
7/19/2023 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 309KB)
6/21/2023 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 139KB)
5/17/2023 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 247KB)
4/11/2023 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 135KB)
3/15/2023 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 12MB)
10/19/2022 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 943KB)
9/15/2022 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 205KB)
Women's Mural Plaque(PDF, 638KB)
Centennial Bike Tunnel Murals(PDF, 141KB)
8/18/2022 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 148KB) - Meeting Canceled, Quorum not established
07/20/2022 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 663KB)
Traffic Signal Box Art Submissions(PDF, 2MB)
06/16/2022 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 133KB)
05/19/2022 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 133KB)
04/22/2022 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 132KB) - Meeting Canceled, Quorum not established
03/17/2022 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 134KB)
FY23 Draft Budget
FY23 Proposed Work Plan(PDF, 79KB)
02/17/2022 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 133KB)
01/20/2022 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 133KB)
6th Ward Murals Grant Application(PDF, 2MB)
HPAC Strategic/Succession Plan 2022-26 Draft(PDF, 246KB)
HPAC Strategic Planning - Cost Estimates Draft(PDF, 99KB)
DHI Membership Rates(PDF, 10MB)
12/16/2021 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 156KB) - Meeting Canceled, Quorum not established
11/18/2021 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 133KB)
6th Ward Murals(PDF, 963KB)
10/2021 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 132KB)
09/2021 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 133KB)
08/2021 HPAC Agenda(PDF, 133KB)