Municipal Court

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Helena Municipal Court is part of the state judicial system. This court enforces laws for the City of Helena. The Honorable Anne Peterson presides. Helena Municipal Court processes the following: all misdemeanor traffic, criminal and animal control offenses, city ordinances, orders of protection and civil cases that occur within the Helena City limits.
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Payments: We are open for walk-in payments, other options are,

  1. Pay Through the online Cite-pay System. Please click here
  2. Call in a payment, (406) 447-8466
  3. Mail check or money order, Attn: Helena Municipal Court
  4. Call the court and extend your payment date, (406) 447-8466.

Marijuana-related Conviction: Petition for Expungement, Resentencing or Re-designation - Please Click here For State Website

State Approved ACT Providers - Please Click here

Weekly Court Calendar- Please Click here for Fullcourt Web Portal

All dates and times subject to change.

Jury Summons Status



We request that you call Helena Municipal Court at (406) 447-8464 after 4:00 P.M. the day before the trial date. If you have received a notice for jury service on the date listed above and cannot serve please fill out Request for Excusal.

If your trial is cancelled, you do not need to appear again until you receive a new summons in the mail.