Civic Access

The City of Helena is pleased to introduce a new Licensing and Permitting system that will allow residents to take care of more City-related business online. The new system features a public-facing online portal called Civic Access. Within Civic Access, you can:

  • Apply for and manage Planning and Zoning cases
  • Apply for and manage Building related permits
  • Apply for various Business, Liquor and Pet Licenses
  • Pay invoices
  • Schedule inspections
  • And more

Please take some time to review the following user guides to become oriented with the new system before getting started.

Visit Civic Access

What Applications are in Civic Access?

The following list highlights all of the permit and license applications you can submit in Civic Access. If you don't see what you are looking for here, you can also visit our Applications and Permits landing page.

Alcohol License
Alternative Energy: Commercial
Alternative Energy: Residential
Amended Plat/COS
Multi-Animal License
Annexation by Petition - Final
Annexation by Petition - Intent to Annex
Annexation of Contiguous Land
Annexation of Wholly Surrounded Property
Annexation with the Provision of Services
Apiary License
Alteration/Remodel/Renovation: Commercial Building
Building Shell: Commercial Building
Electrical: Commercial
Relocated Building: Commercial Building
Well: Commercial
Commercial Building - Addition
Deck: Commercial Building
Demolition: Commercial Building
Fence: Commercial Building
Mechanical - Commercial Building
New Building: Commercial Building
New Non-Building Structure: Commercial Building
Plumbing: Commercial Building
Reroof: Commercial Building
Retaining Wall: Commercial Building
Siding: Commercial Building
Conditional Use Permit
Conditional Use Permit Amendment
Conditional Use Permit Extension
Dangerous Dog License
Dog License - Altered Dog License
Dog License - Non-Altered Dog License
Final Plat - Major
Final Plat - Minor
Fire Alarm: Fire Protection System
Fire Extinguishing System - Kitchen Hood: Fire Protection
Fire Sprinkler System: Fire Protection
Suppression System: Fire Protection
Business License Information Changes
General Business License
Historic Building Demolition
Home-Based Business License
Move: Building
Move: Relocate Non-Building Structure
Electrical: Multi-Family up to 12 Units
Pre-Application Meeting
Preliminary Plat - Admin Minor Subdivision
Preliminary Plat - Extension
Preliminary Plat - Major Phased Subdivision
Preliminary Plat - Major Subdivision 50+ Lots
Preliminary Plat - Major Subdivision 6-49 Lots
Preliminary Plat - Major Subdivision Amended
Preliminary Plat - Minor Subdivision
Preliminary Plat - Minor Subdivision Amended
Subdivision Variance
Curb Cut/Drive Approach: Public Right-of-Way
Public Sidewalk: Right-of-Way
Street Opening: Public Right-of-Way
Electrical: Residential
Mechanical - Residential
Accessory Structure: Residential Building - Multi-Family
Addition: Residential Multi-Unit
Alteration/Remodel/Renovation: Residential Multi-Unit
Deck - Residential - Multi-Family
Demolition: Residential - Multi-Family
Fence: Residential - Multi-Family
Foundation Only: Residential Multi-Family
New Building: Residential Multi-Unit
New Non-Building Structure: Residential Multi-Unit
Relocated Building: Residential Multi-Family
Reroof: Residential - Multi-Family
Retaining Wall: Residential - Multi-Family
Siding: Residential - Multi-Family
Plumbing: Residential
Accessory Structure: Residential Building-Single Unit
Addition: Residential Building - Single Unit
Alteration/Remodel/Renovation - Residential Building - Single Unit
Deck: Residential Building - Single Unit
Foundation Only: Residential - Single
New Building: Residential - Single Unit
New Non-Building Structure
Demolition: Residential - Single Family
Relocated Building: Residential Single Family
Fence: Residential - Single-Family
Manufactured Home: Residential - Single-Family
Modular Home: Residential - Single-Family
Reroof: Residential - Single-Family
Retaining Wall: Residential - Single-Family
Siding: Residential - Single-Family
Well: Residential
Building Sign: Sign
On-Premise Sign: Sign
Billboard: Sign
Noise Permit
Special Events Permit
Sewer Tap: Utility Water-Sewer
Water and Sewer Inspection: Utility Water-Sewer"
Water Meter: Utility Water-Sewer
Water Tap: Utility Water-Sewer
Zone Change

Civic Access User Guides

Dashboard Guide(PDF, 5MB)

Application Guide(PDF, 8MB)

Case Connection Guide(PDF, 2MB)

  • See below for Case Connection Form

Contact Best Practices(PDF, 2MB)

Fees and Invoices Guide(PDF, 3MB)

Inspection Request Guide(PDF, 3MB)

Maps Guide(PDF, 5MB)

My Work and Calendar Guide(PDF, 5MB)

Registration Guide(PDF, 3MB)

Reviews Guide(PDF, 3MB)

Connect Cases to Civic Access Accounts

After you create your new Civic Access account, you won't automatically see old permits or development review cases. City staff can connect historical records to your account by request. Use the following links to submit a request using our online form, or by returning a completed PDF.

View Case Connect Online Form

Download Case Connect Fillable Form(PDF, 131KB)

Download Case Connect Form(PDF, 196KB)