City Elections

The City of Helena holds elections for Mayor, Commissioners, Municipal Court Judge, and the Helena Citizens' Council. All City elections are run by the Lewis and Clark County Elections Office.

2024 City Election Timeline

  • June 4, 2024: Primary Elections
    • Public Safety Mill Levy and Bond (see below)
    • Establishing a study commission to conduct a Local Government Review (see below).
  • November 5, 2024: General Election

Public Safety Mill Levy and Bond

On Monday, Feb. 26, the City Commission unanimously (5-0) approved a resolution that will place two initiatives for public safety funding on the June 4, 2024 Primary Election ballot. A Mill Levy increase is being requested to fund additional Police Department and Fire Department personnel. The City is also requesting voter approval to issue and sell General Obligation Bonds to fund construction of a third fire station and training facility.

Visit Public Safety Mill Levy and Bond Page 

Local Government Review

Montana Code Annotated (Title 7, Chapter 3, Part 1) requires the City to provide a mechanism for a local government review. This review must be presented to voters every 10 years. The City of Helena is set to conduct a voter review in 2024. On the June 4 ballot, voters will decide if they want to establish a study commission to conduct a review of the City government. The vote must pass by a simple majority (>50%). If voters approve the establishment of a Study Commission, the election of members of the Study Commission would occur on the November 5, 2024 General Election. The local government review would occur from December 2024 to November 2026.  

View the City Charter

Learn More

The Local Government Center at Montana State University has a vast library of resources for anyone interested in learning more about the Local Government Review process. The Local Government Center's mission, as established by the State Legislature in 1993, is to provide training, technical assistance, and research to local officials. The Local Government Center website offers a Local Government Review Timeline, a Quick Reference Guide to the Local Government Review, recorded webinars on the topic, and much more.

Visit the Local Government Center Website

Scope of the Local Government Review

The Local Government Review provides residents an opportunity to study the Power, Form, and Plan of their local government.

The following examples are Not included in the scope of the local government review:
  • Removing or disciplining staff members or individuals serving in elected office
  • Adding, changing, or removing services, programs, policies, or ordinances
  • Changing the elections process
  • Fees, assessments, taxes, or other service funding mechanisms

More information on the scope of the Local Government Review is available on the Local Government Center's Quick Reference Guide.