Sidewalk Improvement Program

The City is no longer accepting applications for the Spring/Summer 2023 Sidewalk Improvement Loan Program. 

Is your sidewalk in disrepair? The City of Helena can help.

The sidewalk improvement loan program helps property owners add sidewalks where missing or replace old and damaged sidewalks. The City consolidates all the sidewalk projects into one bid, which helps keep installation costs low. The City offers a 0% interest loan that is repaid via the property owner's annual tax bill over 10 years.

Each year the City will hold an open application period for property owners interested in the program.

Want more information about this program? Call 406-304-1830.

Joining the Program

1. Submit an Application

Property owners interested in participating in the program can submit an application using the online form. Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into the program. It is the first step in the process. It is important that interested applicants follow the remaining steps in a timely manner to give them the best chance to be included in the program.

To apply, please be sure to have the property tax ID.

2. Schedule an Inspection

City staff will contact applicants in the order in which applications are received. There is a set schedule of appointment slots to conduct an inspection and provide an estimated cost of work. The earlier an application is received, the earlier and more options the applicant will have to fill an appointment slot. 

It is important that applicants are prepared to be flexible and diligent in scheduling their appointment.


3. Return a Signed Estimate

Once an inspection and estimate has been complete, the applicant must return a signed copy of the estimate. Staff will accept signed estimates in three ways:

  1. Scanned copy emailed to Darren Ramos ( in which the email time stamp will be the basis for confirmation of available funding.
  2. Hand-delivered, to our office located at 3001 E Lyndale Ave, at which Admin staff can sign as to the date and time delivered for the basis of confirmation of available funding.
  3. Mailed to our office located at 3001 E Lyndale Ave, at which Admin staff will sign and date the time the mail was opened (not received or postmarked). This method is not recommended by staff as it will likely diminish the applicants’ probability of being confirmed into the program.

Participation in the program is based on the order in which a signed estimate is received by staff and remaining funding is confirmed at the time of receipt.


Applications are accepted until the funding limit for the year has been reached. Once enough signed estimates have been received and no more funding is available, all applicants will be notified that the program has been closed for this year. However, if you receive notification that the program has closed but have already been given an estimate, staff encourages you to still sign and return your estimate as soon as possible. If additional funding becomes available for this program year, staff will contact the next applicant that has returned their signed estimate, in the order in which it was received, to offer participation in this year’s program.