Animal Control/Urban Wildlife

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We have one Animal Control Officer, Roy Tanniehill, and one Animal Control/Urban Wildlife Officer, Sean McCarthy. Either of them may be reached through our dispatch center during business hours at 406-457-8866. Outside of business hours a Patrol Officer may be able to assist you. 

They can also receive email at: if you have any questions regarding any Animal Ordinances within in the city limits.

Types of Duties Include: 

  • Investigating cruelty, mistreatment, abandoned, dangerous or unattended animals. 
  • Testifying in court
  • Patrolling areas for strays/leash laws
  • Patrolling trail heads
  • Receiving and responding to complaints
  • Issue citations per state and local laws
  • Public Relations
  • Quarantining animals and retrieval of deceased animals
  • Assisting the Lewis and Clark Humane Society in various cases
  • Observing number of deer within City Limits
  • Working with FWP on management plans for Urban Wildlife
  • Deer Culling Program