Patrol Division

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The patrol division is the most recognized component of the Helena Police Department. The department has 53 sworn officers with the bulk of our sworn staff assigned to the patrol division.

The objectives of the Patrol Division are to:

  • Execute the law enforcement responsibilities of the department through preventive patrol and active enforcement of criminal and traffic laws.
  • Perform a variety of diverse services for the community, including enforcement, general assistance, emergency assistance, public information, and directions, and alleviating public hazards.
  • Provide general law enforcement services and assistance.

Our officers work a 10-hour day with four days of work and three days off. The patrol division is made up of various shifts to ensure there is proper coverage. 

Hiring an Officer for Special Events

Our Officers occasionally work special events. To inquire about this, please contact Assistant Chief Cory Bailey at 406-447-8486 to discuss the details (dates, times, and location) and how many officers you will need for your event. Currently, the charge is $60/hour/Officer with a 3-hour minimum per officer. 

To start the process, you will need to:

  • Contact Assistant Chief Bailey 
  • Complete an "Extra Work"(PDF, 133KB) contract. This must be filled out entirely and signed at least two-weeks prior to the event date. 
  • Once the details are worked out and an officer works your event, an invoice will be sent to the address listed on the contract. This must be paid within 30 days after the event.

Note: We cannot work all requested events. A determination will be made by the Assistant Chief as to whether or not our officers will be able to work your event.


School Resource Officers (SRO's)

Our department has four School Resource Officers. There are two officers for the two high schools in city limits and two for the two middle schools. All SRO's fill in at the elementary schools in the area to which they are assigned.

The SRO's are:

If you need to contact any of the SRO's during business hours, please contact our dispatch center at 406-457-8866.

K9 Program

The department currently has one K9, Copper. Copper is trained in drug detection. Copper and his handler, Officer Scavone, both received training in North Carolina and are re-certified each year. 

File a Complaint

Complaint Process

To file a complaint against an officer or other employee, you need to contact the department. Ways to pick up a complaint package are:  

  • Come to the department in person. We are open to the public Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. and can be reached at our main Administration line at 406-447-8479.  

              Our office is located at: 
              406 Fuller Ave, 1st Floor
              Helena, MT 59601

  • Complaint packages may also be picked up from any Helena Police Officer or on the first floor of the Helena City/County Building.

Complaints Must Be

  • Filed in writing. Please completely fill out the form to include your name and contact information. If we need to contact you with any follow-up and advise you of the outcome, your name and contact information will be necessary. 
  • If necessary and under certain circumstances, the department will accept unsigned or anonymous complaints. 
  • Complaints may be turned into any supervisor in the department. 
  • If there are questions or concerns, please contact the Administration office.

If you need to make immediate contact during non-business hours, you may call our non-emergency line at 406-457-8866 and ask to speak to the Sergeant or supervisor on shift. 

Complaint Package(PDF, 595KB)

Please fill out the complaint form in order to file a complaint. This will include all of the details, a way for us to gather more information, and to confirm your name. We may also need to reach out to you and advise you of our findings. 




Thank a Police Officer

If you would like to thank one of our officers or any employee, you may send a general email to:

Please be sure to include:

  • Your name
  • The name of the officer or employee (if you know it)
  • The date of the incident (this will help if you aren't sure which officer)
  • Time of the incident
  • Your message to the officer 

You may also call and speak with the Patrol Lieutenant at 406-447-8487.