Roadway Code Enforcement Division

The Roadway Code Enforcement Division is a newly created Division, employing two full time personnel, who under the direction of the Transit Superintendent, respond to citizen requests related to:

  1. Sidewalk obstructions
  2. Trip hazards
  3. Snow covered or icy sidewalks as outlined in City Code: 7-8-1
  4. Sight distance triangle obstructions as outlined in City Code: 7:3:7
  5. Snow Pushed into City Right of Way City Code 7-8-7, 7-8-8 & 7-8-9

Snow Code

Snow Code Map

Snow Code Responsibilities

Click Here to View Know Your Snow Flyer(PDF, 2MB)

Snow Code: Designated Snow Routes and Plowing Information

View the most recent Snow and Ice Plan(PDF, 1MB)

View the snowplow routes and times(PDF, 376KB) map, or track our snowplow/sanders in real time via our GIS tracking map.

*Our GIS Tracking Map is experiencing a delay in updating information. (10/26/23)

Emergency Snow Routes

The following streets are established and designated as emergency snow routes within the city (10 miles):

East-West Streets:

  • Broadway - Park Ave to Colonial Drive
  • Helena Ave – Last Chance to Railroad Ave
  • 6th Ave - Park Ave to Lamborn St
  • 11th Ave - Park Ave to Montana Ave

North-South Streets:

  • Benton Ave - Custer Ave to Neill Ave
  • California - 11th Ave to Winne St
  • Colonial – Fee St to Broadway
  • Hannaford St – Prospect Ave to 11th Ave
  • Henderson St – Custer to LeGrande
  • Park Ave - Neill Ave to Cruse
  • Rodney - Helena Ave to Broadway

If your vehicle was towed from a snow emergency route, click here to locate it via our interactive towing map.

Recreational Vehicle Parking

No recreational vehicles can be parked on any City street November 1 through April 15 each winter. This includes any trailer, recreational vehicle, boat, or other stored items parked within the public right-of-way between November 1 and April 15 may be towed and stored at the expense of the registered owner of the vehicle. Ord. 2326, 12-5-1983; amend Ord. 3243, 10-29- 2018).

If your recreational vehicle has been towed, click here to locate it via our interactive towing map.

Snow Code: Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal

In Helena when the snow falls, the amounts can vary from a light dusting to several inches at a time making it difficult for pedestrians to walk safely on the sidewalks and rights-of-way.

Every owner of property within the city fronting on or abutting a paved or brick sidewalk on
public rights of way must remove and clear away, or cause to be removed and cleared away:
any snow or ice from that portion of the sidewalk in front of or abutting their property, from all
portions of abutting ADA curb ramps and bulb outs, and from driveway aprons on rights of
way that must be crossed for pedestrian travel.

If you wish to report a sidewalk snow and/or ice violation wait until the snow has stopped falling for 24 hours or until the countdown clock expires to report locations. Complaints can be submitted anonymously using one of the following methods:

Describe the location of complaint providing the address or a detailed description of the location (ex: on the NW corner of 11th and Rodney 3rd house in on the left) to ensure the area reported is the area inspected. If descriptions are vague or if reported before the countdown clock expires complaints may not be processed. For further information regarding sidewalk snow and ice issues contact the code enforcement officer at 406-447-8443 or 406-447-1566.

Snow Clock

The 24 hour countdown clock for snow removal started at:

Current snowfall active. Please check back later. Thank you.

Please wait 24 hours from the above date and time to report snow code violations. The clock resets if snow begins falling again. Complaints must be reported only after clock expires.

Contact Us:

  1. Use the My Helena App
  2. Phone: 406-447-8443 or 406-447-1566
  3. Email: