Recycling at The Transfer Station

Current City of Helena or Scratch Gravel homeowners should be eligible or have a current Transfer Station permit.  City renters residing in a 1–4 unit residence are eligible for a Renters Recycling Permit.  If neither of these options apply you can still recycle at the Transfer Station as a cash customer.  Our minimum charge is $6.00 and that allows you to recycle up to 200 lbs.  The price will go up from that point. Our current per ton charge is $56.75.

Household Recycling

Household Recycling

Newspaper – NO plastic bags or twine.  Inserts and ads accepted. 

Office Paper – White and pastel colors only.

Magazines – Nothing thicker than ½ “.  No books or large catalogs.

Corrugated Cardboard – Remove all packing and break boxes down flat.  No lightweight cardboard or paperboard.

Aluminum – NO plastic bags.  Beverage cans, TV dinner trays, foil, and food containers.  Aluminum must be clean and dry.

Steel Cans – NO plastic bags.  Tin and steel food cans.  Labels are okay.  Rinse well.

Mixed Container Glass – Clear, brown and green glass may be mixed.  All lids, corns and flow-control inserts must be removed and disposed of.  Rinse well.

Plastics – #1 Clear Bottles, #1 Clear Trays, #2 Milk Jugs & #2 Colored.  Rinsed/No Lids. NO BLACK PLASTICS

Automotive Waste

Automotive Waste

Car Batteries – Store in an upright position and place in designated containerin recycling area.

Waste Oil – Accepted from residential users in quantities of 5 gallons or less per customer per day.  Do not mix antifreeze or other liquids.

Antifreeze – Accepted in quantities of 5 gallons or less per customer per day. Do not mix with other liquids.

Electronics Waste Recycling - E-Waste is accepted in the recycling area.  No monitor screens of TVs of any sort will be accepted.  The weight of the E-Waste materials will be deducted from the permit allowance.

Off-Site Recycling Drop off Locations

Off-Site Recycling Drop off Locations

There a several off-site recycling locations around the area.  These locations only accept Steel Cans, Aluminum Cans, Newspapers, Magazines, White & Pastel office paper and Corrugated Cardboard. 

Off-Site Recycling Locations:

  • Safeway – 611 N Montana Ave
  • Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds – 98 W Custer Ave
  • Boeing – 3200 Skyway Dr, just past the Airport.
  • Across from Dale Harris Park (Dale Harris Park Address is 279 S Cruse Ave)
  • Grub Stake, 1450 Lincoln Rd West
  • Canyon Ferry Mini-Basket, 3012 Canyon Ferry Rd

Curbside Recycling

Curbside Recycling

Helena recycling provides a for fee curbside recycling service.  For more information, please contact them at 406-457-2437.

Please rest assured that if everyone properly recycles - these items won’t end up in our landfill.  These materials are shipped to a processing center where they are sorted, baled and shipped to respective recycling mills across the nation. 

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