Integrated Solid Waste Master Plan Committee

The City of Helena, in partnership with Lewis and Clark County and key stakeholders, is developing an Integrated Solid Waste Master Plan for the City and County. The plan must evaluate current City, County, and private waste management operations for their efficiency and effectiveness, identify alternatives to current practices, and discuss options for funding sources.



ISWMP Committee Meeting - November 28, 2023

Agenda(PDF, 219KB)

ISWMP Committee Meeting - November 8, 2023
Agenda(PDF, 205KB)

ISWMP Committee Meeting - July 12, 2023
Agenda(PDF, 210KB)

ISWMP Committee Meeting - June 7, 2023
Agenda(PDF, 176KB)

ISWMP Committee Meeting - March 8, 2023
Agenda(PDF, 184KB)