City-County Consolidated Parks Board

A 1999 interlocal agreement between Helena and Lewis and Clark County established the City-County Consolidated Parks Board as recommended in the city and county parks, recreation and open spaces plan. The board serves in an advisory capacity to the city and county commissions in parks, recreation and open lands matters.

The seven board members may serve two three-year terms as set out in the bylaws adopted in 2001. Three members are appointed by the city, three by the county and jointly-appointed member representing the school district. 



2023 Time Stamped Minutes

January 4, 2023 Time Stamped Summary(PDF, 474KB)

February 1, 2023 Time Stamped Summary(PDF, 149KB)

2022 City County Parks Board Minutes

01/2022 CCPB_Time-Stamped_Summary(PDF, 811KB)

03/2022 CCPB Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 857KB)

04/2022 CCPB Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 827KB)

06/2022 CCPB Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 317KB)

07/2022 CCPB Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 257KB)

08/2022 CCPB Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 277KB)

09/2022 CCPB Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 849KB)

10/2022 CCPB Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 784KB)

11/2022 CCPB Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 1006KB)

2021 City County Parks Board Minutes

01/2021 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 827KB)

03/2021 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 788KB)

08/2021 CCPB Summary_Minutes(PDF, 817KB)

05/2021 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 825KB)

06/2021 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 830KB)

07/2021 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 787KB)

08/2021 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 278KB)

08/25/2021 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 817KB)

10/06/2021 CCPB Summary_Minutes(PDF, 2MB)

2020 City County Parks Board Minutes

02/2020 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 768KB)

03/2020 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 3MB)

08/2020CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 1MB)

10/2020CCPB_Summary_Minutes(PDF, 831KB)

2019 City County Parks Board Minutes

12/2019 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 772KB)

2018 City County Parks Board Minutes

01/2018 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 498KB)

02/2018 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 487KB)

03/2018 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 472KB)

04/2018 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 723KB)

06/2018 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 754KB)

07/2018 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 743KB)

08/2018 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 761KB)

2017 City County Parks Board Minutes

01/2017 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 412KB)

02//2017 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 432KB)

03/2017 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 472KB)

04/2017 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 495KB)

05/2017 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 506KB)

06/2017 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 525KB)

07/2017 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 498KB)

09/2017 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 529KB)

10/2017 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 502KB)

2016 City County Parks Board Minutes

01/2016 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 505KB)

02/2016 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 393KB)

03/2016 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 425KB)

04/2016 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 429KB)

05/2016 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 416KB)

06/2016 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 484KB)

07/2016 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 397KB)

08/2016 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 379KB)

09/2016 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 404KB)

10/2016 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 411KB)

11/2016 CCPB Summary Minutes(PDF, 391KB)