Chaplain Program

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What is a Police Chaplain?

A law enforcement chaplain is a clergy person with a passionate interest in, and the specialized training for pastoral care in the world of law enforcement. The chaplain’s ministry is a voluntary program that provides source of strength to our police personnel, their families and offering assistance when appropriate or requested.

What are some of the duties of a Police Chaplain?

The duties of a police chaplain include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Assisting in making notification to families of department members who have been seriously injured or killed.
  • Visiting sick or injured law enforcement personnel in the hospital or home.
  • Attending and participating in funerals of active or retired members of the department.
  • Support for Police Officers and civilians in time of need.
  • Responding to natural, accidental deaths, suicides, attempted suicides, family disturbances and any other incidences where their presence is appropriate or requested.
  • Counseling Officers and other personnel with personal problems, when requested.

What are the requirements to become a Police Chaplain?

  • All applicants must possess a valid Montana driver’s license.
  • Must have at least five years of successful ministry experience with a recognized church or religious denomination.
  • Must manage their household, family, and personal affairs well.
  • Must have a good reputation with those outside the church.
  • Must successfully pass a series of interviews to determine suitability for the program.
  • Must successfully complete a background investigation.