Current Projects

The City Community Development Department is actively working on the following projects. Click on a project to learn more about upcoming hearings and how you can get involved.

For more information about the subdivision process from Pre-Application to City Commission, click here(PDF, 200KB).

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Variance Applications

  • Board of Adjustment Variance applications for May 7, 2024 meeting.   
    • 1400 Phoenix(PDF, 11MB)

      The applicant, Bryan Johnson, is requesting a variance to reduce the side lot setback for a property abutting a right of way providing a secondary means of access. This variance is to increase the size of a garage.

    • 400 S. Oakes(PDF, 5MB):

      The applicant, Plymouth Congregational Church, is requesting variances to replace an existing sign that exceeds City height and size limits, and to bring a second non-conforming sign in to compliance. 


Conditional Use Permit and Zone Change Applications

CUP2024-001 – 1201 Wilder Ave(PDF, 10MB)

The applicant is seeking a Conditional Use Permit to allow a Residence, Multiple-dwelling units use on a property zoned R-2. The applicant proposes construction of a new duplex on the property while maintaining the existing single family house.


ZONC2302-001(PDF, 4MB) and CUP2403-001(PDF, 2MB)  – 515 S Ewing Street.

The applicant is seeking both a zone change and a conditional use permit. The zone change will change the property from Public Lands and Institutions (PLI) zoning to R-3 zoning. R-3 zoning is the predominate zoning for the adjacent residential neighborhoods to the south and east. If the zone change is approved, the conditional use permit would allow the property owners to rent unused office space to Professional Office and General Services occupants. This would allow for businesses such as therapists and accountants to operate in the building and not allow for general retail uses. Professional Offices and General Services are not permitted uses in the PLI zoning district.  


Sign Code Update

The City of Helena is considering the adoption of a new sign code. The proposed sign code will address a range of topics, including: scaling the size of on-building signage; digital signage restrictions; lighting standards; the elimination of off-premises signage, including billboards, 10 years after adoption, and more.

An updated copy of the draft proposal can be found here(PDF, 313KB) . Public comment can be submitted to or via our Public Comment form.

A drop in information session was held on Tuesday, October 24, 2023 from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM in City-County Building Room 401, and an additional Zoning Commission Work Session on Tuesday, October 24, 2023 at 6:00 PM in City-County Building Room 426. More information about the work session can be found here.

The goals of the new sign code are to improve clarity in signage regulation, increase conformance with recent legal rulings, and to ensure that the current needs of the community are being met. What has been prepared is a new sign code that not only supports businesses in effectively communicating with their customers but also enhances the visual appeal of Helena's streetscapes. The last comprehensive sign code update was adopted in 1997, although there have been some smaller changes since.




Historic Demolition Ordinance Update

In coordination with the Heritage Tourism Council and the Historic Preservation Officer, the city is working on updates to the current Historic Demolition Ordinance (HCC Title 3 Chapter 15). You can see the proposed changes here(PDF, 179KB)   .

Craftsman Village at Mountain View Meadows Phase 8, 9, & 10

Craftsman Village at Mountain View Meadows Phase 8, 9, & 10

On September 14, 2022, an application was submitted for the Craftsman Village at Mountain View Meadows Phases 8, 9, and 10. Having undergone completeness and sufficiency reviews, the application was deemed sufficient on December 27, 2022. 


Parks Board: January 4, 2023

Zoning Commission: February 14, 2023

Planning Board: February 21, 2023

City Commission: To Be Determined

Findings of Fact / Written Statement

Written Notice Letter(PDF, 17MB)

Staff Reports

Preliminary Plat Staff Report(PDF, 4MB)

Annexation Staff Report(PDF, 5MB)

Pre-Zone Staff Report(PDF, 4MB)

Application and related materials:

Sufficiency Review Updates:

Updated Preliminary Plat Page 2 of 5(PDF, 736KB)

Updated TIS - December 2022(PDF, 3MB)

Updated TIS - November 2022(PDF, 3MB)

Deviation Request(PDF, 91KB)

East Helena School District Email(PDF, 111KB)

Parkland Determination September 22, 2022(PDF, 95KB)

Street Plan and Profile Sheets(PDF, 16MB)

Water Rights - September 20, 2022(PDF, 90KB)

Water Right - September 22, 2022(PDF, 64KB)

First Submission: 


Property Information

Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions(PDF, 1MB)

Adjacent Ownership Information


Owner Permission(PDF, 229KB)

Preliminary Plans(PDF, 14MB)

Preliminary Plats(PDF, 2MB)

Parkland Determination(PDF, 1MB)

Preliminary Engineering Report

Environmental Assessment

Traffic Impact Study(PDF, 5MB)

Stormwater Information(PDF, 6MB)

Soil Survey(PDF, 1MB)

Water Rights

Tax Receipt(PDF, 124KB)

Pre-App Information

Growth Policy Analysis(PDF, 203KB)

Phasing Plans(PDF, 15MB)

Easement Notification(PDF, 45KB)

Westside Woods Phased Subdivision

Westside Woods Phased Subdivision

Phase 2

Phase 2 Commencement Notice(PDF, 126KB)

Phase 2 Exhibit Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Phase 1 Extension

Phase 1 Plat Extension Request(PDF, 128KB)

Phase 1

Phase 1 Commencement Notice(PDF, 126KB)

Phase 1 Exhibit Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Application Process

On Friday, September 16, 2022 the application for the Westside Woods major phased subdivision was received by the Community Development Department. The application was deemed sufficient for general review on Monday, December 19, 2022.  Updates to this section will be provided as available. For more information please contact the Community Development Department by email or at (406) 447-8490.


Board and Commission Dates

Parks Board: Wednesday, January 4, 2023; Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Planning Board: Tuesday, February 21, 2023

City Commission: Tuesday, April 10, 2023

February 21, 2023 Planning Board Summary Draft(PDF, 147KB)

Findings of Fact / Written Statement

Written Notice Letter(PDF, 27MB)

Staff Reports

Preliminary Plat Staff Report(PDF, 8MB)

Annexation Staff Report(PDF, 7MB)

Application and related materials:

Sufficiency Letter 12/19/2022(PDF, 322KB)

Sufficiency Response 12/13/2022(PDF, 160KB)

Sufficiency Letter 12/9/2022(PDF, 342KB)

Sufficiency Response Letter 11/16/2022(PDF, 217KB)

Sufficiency Letter 10/17/2022(PDF, 351KB)

Completeness Letter 9/27/2022(PDF, 221KB)

Parkland Dedication(PDF, 104KB)

Completeness Response Letter 9/23/2022(PDF, 118KB)

Completeness Letter 9/22/2022(PDF, 232KB)

Third Submission:


Second Submission:

Growth Policy Analysis(PDF, 121KB)

Vicinity Map(PDF, 3MB)

Adjacent Property Owners(PDF, 3MB)

Proposed Cut-Fill +3-ft(PDF, 4MB)

Preliminary Engineering Report(PDF, 20MB)

Transportation Systems(PDF, 98KB)

Solid Waste(PDF, 421KB)


Existing Dry Utilities(PDF, 1MB)



Phasing Plan

EA(PDF, 784KB)

Preliminary Plat

25% Slopes(PDF, 2MB)

First Submission:

Subdivision Application(PDF, 648KB)

Growth Policy Analysis(PDF, 121KB)

Vicinity Map(PDF, 3MB)

Site Plan(PDF, 77KB)

Legal Description(PDF, 21MB)

Adjacent Property Owners(PDF, 3MB)

Written Permission of Agent(PDF, 73KB)

Existing Covenants(PDF, 71KB)

Existing Conservation Easements(PDF, 71KB)

Variances(PDF, 70KB)

Exisitng Ordinances(PDF, 9MB)

Existing Channel Modifications(PDF, 71KB)

Proposed Cut Fill(PDF, 72KB)

Exisitng Soils(PDF, 941KB)

Mineral Rights(PDF, 73KB)

Water Rights(PDF, 225KB)

Preliminary Engineering Report(PDF, 20MB)

Transportation Systems(PDF, 79KB)

Emergency Services(PDF, 74KB)

Solid Waste(PDF, 71KB)

Parkland(PDF, 9MB)

Fire Mitigation(PDF, 76KB)

Storm Water Plan(PDF, 73KB)


Base Flood Elevations(PDF, 73KB)

School Children(PDF, 77KB)

Existing Dry Utilities(PDF, 74KB)


Easements(PDF, 636KB)

Phasing Plan(PDF, 9MB)


Preliminary Plat(PDF, 3MB)

Sheet 2(PDF, 623KB)

25% Slopes(PDF, 75KB)


Hazards(PDF, 3MB)

Annexation(PDF, 75KB)