Request Help for City Services

Need to report a pothole, down tree, or damaged trash can? Download the My Helena App on your phone or use the form below to submit a service request. Simply select "Create" and follow the instructions. Be sure to set up an account so you can receive updates as City staff respond to your request.

For emergencies, please call 9-1-1.

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Service Request Categories

Community Decay

Community Decay Complaint

Sign Complaint

Garbage Collection

Missed Collection


Damaged Container



Abandoned Vehicle

Blocked Fire Hydrant

Found Property

Sign Obscured




Illegal/hazardous vehicle parking

Parking garage damage

Parking lot damage

Parking violation questions

Pay to park equipment: damaged

Pay to park equipment: malfunctioning

Pay to park equipment: use questions

Pedestrian safety concerns

Parks and Vegetation

Boulevard lacking vegetative cover


Damaged park accessory

Garbage - Overfull park can

Garbage - Refuse in park


Hazardous tree

Irrigation leaks

Noxious weeds

Nuisance vegetation

Parkland encroachment

Parks snow/ice

Playground issue

Street tree clearance

Tree branches

Streets and Transportation

Sidewalk variance

Railroad quiet zone concerns

Summer alley maintenance


Cul-de-sac snow request

Dirt street maintenance



Sidewalk - obstructions

Sidewalks - snow removal

Sidewalks - trip hazard

Sight triangle

Signs - damaged or missing

Snow berm request

Street obstruction

Street plowing request

Street sanding request

Street sweeping request

Traffic signal

Traffic study request

Trailer parking

Water and Sewer

Illegal discharge


Fire hydrant damaged

Manhole lid missing

Sewer backup

Sewer odor


Storm drain issue

Water leak

Water lid damaged or missing