Helena Open Lands Management Advisory Committee

The Helena Open Lands Management Advisory Committee (HOLMAC) performs various functions for the city related to the management of Helena's open lands. Open lands have been acquired through purchase with open space bond funds and donations and is maintained by a voter-passed maintenance district.  Meetings are currently on hold until further notice. 



2023 Agendas

January 10, 2023 Agenda(PDF, 9MB)

2022 HOLMAC Agendas

12/13/2022_HOLMAC_Agenda(PDF, 3MB)


10/11/2022_HOLMAC_Agenda(PDF, 513KB)

09/13/2022_HOLMAC_Agenda(PDF, 654KB)

06/14/2022_HOLMAC_Agenda(PDF, 208KB)

04/12/2022_HOLMAC_Agenda(PDF, 2MB)

03/02/2022_HOLMAC_Agenda(PDF, 9MB)

2021 HOLMAC Agendas

12/14/2021_HOLMAC_Agenda(PDF, 9MB)

11/2021_HOLMAC_Agenda(PDF, 524KB)

10/2021_HOLMAC_Agenda(PDF, 528KB)

09/2021 HOLMAC Agenda(PDF, 522KB)

08/2021 HOLMAC Agenda(PDF, 1MB)

04/2021 HOLMAC Agenda(PDF, 545KB)

03/2021 HOLMAC Agenda(PDF, 1MB)

02/2021 HOLMAC Agenda(PDF, 1MB)

01/2021 HOLMAC Agenda(PDF, 644KB)

2020 HOLMAC Agenda

01/2020 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 545KB)

03/2020 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 545KB)

08/2020 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 553KB)

09/2020 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 541KB)

10/2020 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 235KB)

11/2020 HOLMAC Summary_Agenda(PDF, 548KB)

12/2020 HOLMAC Summary_Agenda(PDF, 552KB)

11/2020 HOLMAC + Parks Dept. Major Projects Open House Information

12/2020 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 552KB)

2019 HOLMAC Agendas

02/2019 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 1MB)

03/2019 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 204KB)

04/2019 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 837KB)

08/2019 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 2MB)

2018 HOLMAC Agendas

01/2018 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 293KB)

02/2018 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 316KB)

03/2018 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 317KB)

04/2018 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 317KB)

11/2018 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 1MB)

12/2018 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 562KB)

2017 HOLMAC Agendas

01/2017 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 295KB)

02/2017 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 416KB)

03/2017 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 305KB)

09/2017 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 291KB)

11/2017 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 278KB)

12/2017 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 277KB)

2016 HOLMAC Agendas

02/2016 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 177KB)

04/2016 HOLMAC Summary Agenda(PDF, 185KB)


2023 Time-Stamped Summaries

January 10, 2023 Time Stamped Summary(PDF, 266KB)

2022 Helena Open Lands Advisory Committee Time-Stamped Summaries

12/13/2022_HOLMAC_Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 574KB)

10/11/2022_HOLMAC_Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 587KB)

09/13/2022_HOLMAC_Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 761KB)

03/08/2022_HOLMAC_Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 9MB)

2021 Helena Open Lands Advisory Committee Minutes

11/2021_HOLMAC_Time-Stamped Minutes(PDF, 787KB)

10/2021_HOLMAC_Time-Stamped Minutes(PDF, 766KB)

09/2021_HOLMAC_Time-Stamped Minutes(PDF, 675KB)

03/2021 HOLMAC Time-Stamped Minutes(PDF, 807KB)

02/2021 HOLMAC Summary_Minutes(PDF, 718KB)

01/2021 HOLMAC Summary_Minutes(PDF, 754KB)

2020 Helena Open Lands Advisory Committee Minutes

12/2020 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 715KB)

11/2020 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 828KB)

10/2020 HOLMAC Summary_Minutes(PDF, 750KB)

09/2020 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 696KB)

08/2020 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 295KB)

03/2020 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 261KB)

01/2020 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(DOCX, 420KB)

2019 Helena Open Lands Advisory Committee Minutes

01/2019 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 944KB)

02/2019 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 578KB)

03/2019 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 588KB)

04/2019 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 654KB)

05/2019 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 632KB)

08/2019 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 646KB)

12/2019 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 571KB)

2018 Helena Open Lands Advisory Committee Minutes

01/2018 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 356KB)

02/2018 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 539KB)

03/2018 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 448KB)

04/2018 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 611KB)

11/2018 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 637KB)

12/2018 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 647KB)

2017 Helena Open Lands Advisory Committee Minutes

01/2017 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 373KB)

02/2017 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 483KB)

11/2017 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 616KB)

12/2017 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 528KB)

2016 Helena Open Lands Advisory Committee Minutes

01/2016 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 222KB)

02/2016 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 278KB)

12/2016 HOLMAC Summary Minutes(PDF, 295KB)