Sewer Main Rehabilitation - 2019 Cured in Place Pipe

Map of sewer main replacement project.

About the Project

The City of Helena is beginning construction on the 2019 CURED IN PLACE PIPE (C.I.P.P) SEWER MAIN REHABILITATION PROJECT (Project No. 19-35). The project consists of the rehabilitation and lining of approximately 11,583 lineal feet of existing clay and concrete sewer mains. This includes approximately 8,479 L.F. of 8-inch mains, 1,135 L.F. of 1O-inch mains, 367 LF of 12-inch mains, 1,128 L.F. of 15-inch mains, and 474 L.F. of 18-inch mains. The project will rehabilitate approximately 288 service line connections, adjust approximately 59 manholes to existing grade, and include sewer spot repairs as needed. The project is in various locations throughout the City of Helena.

The contractors for this project are Planned and Engineered Construction (PEC) and Montana Underground Construction. Most of the construction will take place during weekdays. However, some weekend and night work is expected. Please watch for heavy equipment associated with this project. Construction is expected to last from approximately 10/4/23 through 12/31/2023.

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