Helena Police Department's Security Camera Mapping Program

The City of Helena Police Department is committed to providing our community with professional law enforcement services. Through this commitment, the department is collecting data regarding the use of exterior security cameras in the city limits. 
The Security Camera Mapping Program is intended to make it faster for officers to contact security camera owners. Video surveillance of a crime is valuable evidence that can be hard to find. With this program, officers will be able to easily identify the owners of security cameras and to contact them regarding the possible evidence. This in turn will allow officers to spend less time searching for evidence and more time out on patrol.
Members of the community can register their exterior security cameras with the police department by filling out the form below. In the event a crime takes place in view of security camera(s), an officer will contact the owner asking for video footage. Participation is voluntary and a registrant can opt out at any time. Information collected for this program is kept confidential and will only be used in the event of a crime.