Facility Rules and Regulations


Last Chance Splash is a public facility operated by the City of Helena. The following information is important to ensure a pleasant experience.

  • For your safety, certified lifeguards are on duty. However, there is an element of risk in all aquatic activities. Please exercise caution, and remember to follow staff directives. Lifeguards are present to be the BACK UP for the care person.
  • Showers are required before entering the water. Also please shower after use of the bathroom. Furthermore, state law requires individuals with open cuts, open blisters, diarrhea, or any other disease transmittable by water to NOT use the facility.
  • Diapers must be changed in the locker rooms or family changing rooms. By state law, diapers cannot be changed on deck and children not fully toilet trained must wear swim diapers with waterproof pants with elastic opening for legs and waist
  • Montana Health Code mandates that all children under the age of fourteen in the facility be supervised by an adult at all times. Adults who are supervising children must be at least eighteen years old.
  • Children 6 & under must be within arm's reach of that person, even in the water.
  • Children who don't know how to swim and can't touch the bottom of the pool must wear Coast Guard approved life jackets at all times.
  • One long whistle blast means, EMERGENCY, clear the pools.
  • In the event of threatening weather, staff may close the complex. Re-opening of the facility is at the discretion of the staff on duty. Montana State Law REQUIRES us to close the facility for one half hour after lightning is seen or thunder is heard.
  • It is the responsibility of the patron to read and obey all posted signs and rules.
  • Staff reserves the right to refuse admittance to or eject from the aquatic center premises, any person failing to comply with rules. Staff reserves the right to modify rules or create new rules as situations dictate. Failure to follow directions from staff will result in removal from the facility.
  • Any person suspected of being under the influence of a controlled substance will not be admitted, and law enforcement personnel will be summoned. This is a tobacco-free facility.
  • Swimming suits are required. Appropriate swim attire must be worn. Thongs, cutoffs, or regular clothes are not allowed. Swimsuits or other attire with zippers, rivets, or other metal ornamentation will not be allowed on slides.
  • Patrons are not permitted to bring food, gum, drinks, pets, glass (or other breakable material) or lawn chairs in the facility.
  • The City of Helena is not responsible for lost or stolen items. We do not have lockers or other holding devices. Please keep your valuables at home.
  • No running or rough play.
  • Everyone who enters must pay the appropriate fee, regardless of his or her intention to swim.
    This does NOT include people stopping by to pick up their children. Please alert the front desk and quickly go get your children.
  • If capacity is reached, then admission is on a 1 out/ 1 in basis.

Last Chance Splash General Rules

  1. Water wings and floatie devices are prohibited unless approved by management.
  2. Be respectful to yourself, others, and above all things; obey the lifeguards.
  3. Horseplay and other unsafe behaviors are prohibited.
  4. No running, please walk.
  5. Children who are not fully toilet trained must wear swim diapers WITH plastic pants; diaper changes must be made in locker rooms.
  6. Food, gum, and beverages allowed only in designated areas (located next to concessions stand behind garbage cans and next to picnic tables).
  7. Tobacco, alcohol, and glassware are not allowed in the pool area.
  8. One long whistle blast means, EMERGENCY, clear the pools.

Diving Board Rules

  1. You must pass the swim test before entering the deep end.
  2. One person on the board at a time, including the ladder.
  3. No back dives, inward dives, back flips, inward flips, or reverses.
  4. No double bouncing, hanging on the board, side mounts, swimming underneath the board.
  5. Wait until diving area is clear before diving.
  6. Climb out of diving area as soon as possible, no excessive swimming in the diving areas.
  7. If lifeguard enters water, STOP. Wait for lifeguard's signal before continuing.
  8. Swim to the ladder that is closest to the board or swim straight out into the 50 meter pool area.

Vigilante Splash Deck

  1. Running or rough play on splash pad or surrounding area is prohibited.
  2. Climbing on water features, furniture, or other structures is prohibited.
  3. Please keep all deck furniture on the outer deck area.
  4. Please no street shoes on splash pad.
  5. Anyone who has had diarrhea or any other disease communicable by water in the last two weeks may not use the spray pool.
  6. Spray features use recirculated water. DO NOT DRINK THE WATER!
  7. Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers covers with waterproof pants with elasticized openings for the waist and legs; diaper changes must be made in the locker rooms.

Sleeping Giant Lazy River

  1. Only tubes provided may be used in the lazy river.
  2. Enter and exit only in designated areas (the stairs).
  3. Use caution, no standing on tubes, sitting up on the edge of the tube, or other unsafe behaviors.
  4. No jumping or diving into the lazy river from the side of the pool.
  5. No climbing, sitting, standing, walking, diving, or jumping on the wall in the lazy river.
  6. Floaters under 48" tall may float with an adult, in a ratio of one adult per child.
  7. Floaters must follow direction of current at all times.
  8. During crowded conditions, float times may be limited by staff.
  9. Be respectful, please keep hands and feet to yourself.

Fire Tower Slide Rules

  1. Must be at least 48 inches tall to ride the Blue Curly Slide & 60 inches tall to ride the Green Speed Slide.
  2. Maximum operational load: 1 person, 300 lbs
  3. Swimwear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, or metal ornamentation are not permitted.
  4. Running starts and climbing up the slides are prohibited.
  5. Sliders must go one at a time, ride feet first, and keep hands and feet inside the slide.
  6. Do not run, jump, kneel, stand, rotate, spin, dive, tumble, stop in the slide, or block the end of slide.
  7. Clear slides pool quickly and orderly.
  8. Eyeglasses must be securely affixed to riders with head straps.
  9. No swimming or floatation devices allowed.
  10. Please walk up the stairs in an orderly fashion, rough housing will not be permitted.
  11. WARNING: Water depth is 3'6" feet deep. Children who don't know how to swim and can't touch the bottom should not ride slide.
  12. CAUTION!! For safety reasons, pregnant women, and persons with known heart conditions or back troubles should not ride this ride.

Drop/Splash Pool Guidelines for Slide

  1. Please conduct yourself in a safe and orderly fashion.
  2. Please do not allow block the end of the slides or climb back up the slide.
  3. Please exit the splash pool as quickly as possible.
    - The blue or curly slide needs to exit out of north stairs.
    - The green or speed slide needs to exit the south stairs.
  4. Be prepared to clear the pool if you hear a long whistle blast.