Frequently Asked Questions

Water Polo

Why do you only use one diving board at a time?

The diving boards are spaced very close together and to ensure safety of our patrons, only one is operated at a time.

Why do you not allow toys at the pool?

Sadly, this has been ruined by past patrons. Past patrons had items stolen, would throw toys and hit other patrons, and other similar issues.

Why can't I use my blow-up tube, ball, water wings, and/or infant seat?

Safety is our number one priority. Many children who do not know how to swim get on blow-up toys and then unknowingly float to an area that they cannot touch. They then fall off the toy and end up starting to drown.

Water wings provide a false sense of security. The wings can slide down the child's arms and the child can get 'stuck' under the water.

As for the infant seat... Sadly, parents have placed their infant in the blow-up device and then left her in the water unattended. It is one of those things that if we allow one person to use it, we need to allow all.

Good news! Coast guard approved life jackets are approved for use (with the exception of the slide & deep end) and Last Chance Splash has a limited amount of life jackets for patrons to use FREE of charge.

Why can't we use snorkels and/or face masks?

Face masks and snorkels are wonderful devices as long as people are properly trained on their use. Because we do not provide training nor do we have the capability of knowing who can properly use them or not, we cannot allow them for safety reason. Please feel free to use goggles.

Why can't we ride the slide two persons at a time?

It is against the manufacture's guidelines.

Why can't we wear life jackets down the slides?

It is against the manufacture's guidelines. Life jackets change the exit angle on the slides making it unsafe for children to wear them whilst on the slides. In addition, life jackets, as well as clothing items with rivets and zippers such as jean shorts can scratch the slide, which can then scratch patrons using the slide. If your kiddo needs a life jacket to swim, he or she should not be using the slide!

Why do we have to exit the slide pool in a certain direction (Green slide: south/Blue slide: north)?

Once again, for your safety, patrons can exit the slides very quickly and we don't want you to get hit while someone exits the slide.