July 1 Event to Honor Eric Feaver

Published on June 26, 2024

Mountain trail surrounded by grass.

HELENA, Mont. – The community is invited to a dedication ceremony on Monday, July 1, that will honor former City Commissioner Eric Feaver. The event, which is planned for 10 a.m., will commemorate Eric Feaver Trail and “Feaver’s Union” on Mount Helena.  Attendees can park on LeGrande Cannon Boulevard near Grant Street to participate in the ceremony. 

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Commissioner Feaver passed away in June of 2022. He was an avid trail user and a dedicated advocate for the City’s Open Lands. City staff brought forward a proposal to name the trail and trail intersection in honor of the late Commissioner, which the City Commission approved.

Eric Feaver Trail starts at Legrande Cannon Boulevard. Feaver’s Union marks the intersection of Eric Feaver Trail, Ambrose Trail, and Quarry Trail. The naming of Feaver’s Union is a nod to his long-time leadership of the Montana Federation of Public Employees.