Welcome to the City of Helena's Sustainability page. For nearly 20 years, the City has been strategically working to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainability and conservation throughout the community. The Sustainability Coordinator helps coordinate City projects, while also developing education resources to encourage Helenans to be conservation conscious. We hope you will take some time to check out the projects the City has been working on, along with ways you can support our efforts.

Annual Sustainability Report

In 2017, the City Commission adopted Resolution 20347, requiring the preparation of an annual report to document specific activities implemented by the City, track greenhouse gasses, energy usage, and other resources such as water and recommend future sustainability measures for the City of Helena. The City of Helena continues to make energy efficiency and sustainability upgrades to buildings, parks, and practices. The information below outlines the upgrades and efficiencies for each calendar year as well as purposed projects for the future. Where applicable, the activity references the corresponding recommendation from the 2009 Climate Action Plan.(PDF, 3MB)

2022 City of Helena Annual Sustainability Report(PDF, 659KB)

2021 City of Helena Annual Sustainability Report (PDF, 325KB)

2020 City of Helena Annual Sustainability Report (PDF, 3MB)


Climate Action Plan

In 2007, City of Helena Commission passed Resolution 19530, recognizing that there is “sufficient scientific evidence to conclude that global climate change is occurring, that humans are contributing to it, and that reduction in greenhouse gases (GHG) is necessary in to avert the negative consequences of a changing climate.” Lowering GHG emissions will likely result in numerous additional benefits to the Helena community, including improved water quality, reduced energy costs, and improved waste and air pollution efforts. The passage of this resolution, allowed for the construction of a Climate Change Task-force, and for this task-force to give recommendation on the following categories:

  1. Energy Efficiency & Municipal Operations
  2. Water Supply, Treatment, and Delivery
  3. Transportation, Waste, Recycling, and Public/Private Partnership

These recommendations were compiled into what is now known as the 2009 Helena Climate Change Task Force Action Plan(PDF, 3MB). Over the years the City has pursued many of these recommendations and moved its GHG goals forward. The Climate Action Plan Summary below, lists the recommendations, their status, a short explanation of the steps taken by the City, and the results of such efforts.

Climate Action Plan Summary(PDF, 151KB)



Residential Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Loan Program

The City of Helena offers a zero-interest Renewable Energy Loan program to help homeowners install energy efficient upgrades. The program provides loans of up to $12,000, that can be paid over 10 years. This program is meant for homeowners to add renewable energy systems, such as solar panels, to homes. 

Since the programs initiation in 2016, 48 Helena residents have taken advantage of this energy saving opportunity. There are a limited number of funds available each year, so please contact the City of Helena's Community Development Department for more information. 

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