Golf Advisory Board

The seven-member board is appointed to staggered three-year terms. The board's objectives are to promote cost effective and efficient management of the golf course, provide a single and accessible forum for input from all golf course users, evaluate user input and provide meaningful input to the city regarding golf course operations. There are also four non-voting members including the Golf Pro, Course Superintendent, Parks and Recreation Department Director and Helena Citizens Council Representative.


2023 Golf Advisory Board Minutes

January 17, 2023 Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 137KB)

February 21, 2023 Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 111KB)

March 21, 2023 Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 481KB)

April 18, 2023 Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 114KB)

May 2023 - NO MEETING

June 20, 2023 Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 152KB)

July 18, 2023 Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 147KB)

August 15, 2023 Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 157KB)

September 19, 2023 Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 143KB)

October 17, 2023 Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 131KB)

2022 Golf Advisory Board Minutes

01/2022 GAB Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 695KB)

05/2022 GAB Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 802KB)

07/2022 GAB Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 753KB)

08/2022 GAB Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 870KB)

09/2022 GAB Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 738KB)

10/2022 GAB Time-Stamped Summary(PDF, 658KB)

11/2022 GAB Meeting Minutes(PDF, 775KB)

12/2022 GAB Meeting Minutes(PDF, 485KB)

2021 Golf Advisory Board Minutes

12/2021 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 708KB)

10/2021 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 651KB)

05/2021 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 769KB)

03/2021 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 827KB)

01/2021 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 724KB)

2020 Golf Advisory Board Minutes

02/2020 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 638KB)

07/2020 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 766KB)

11/2020 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 671KB)

2019 Golf Advisory Board Minutes

01/2019 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 646KB)

03/2019 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 767KB)

05/2019 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 656KB)

2018 Golf Advisory Board Minutes

02/2018 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 539KB)

03/2018 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 367KB)

08/2018 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 643KB)

09/2018 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 679KB)

2017 Golf Advisory Board Minutes

01/2017 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 497KB)

02/2017 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 396KB)

03/2017 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 409KB)

04/2017 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 410KB)

05/2017 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 387KB)

06/2017 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 406KB)

08/2017 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 387KB)

10/2017 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 486KB)

2016 Golf Advisory Board Minutes

01/2016 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 408KB)

02/2016 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 385KB)

03/2016 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 498KB)

04/2016 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 462KB)

05/2016 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 459KB)

06/2016 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 494KB)

08/2016 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 420KB)

09/2016 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 390KB)

10/2016 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 476KB)

12/2016 GAB Summary Minutes(PDF, 401KB)