Parking Enforcement & Rates

City of Helena Parking Boundaries (View Map)

Parking Permits and Rates Overview(PDF, 1001KB)  

Parking Boot Policy(PDF, 209KB)


Parking Fines:

No one likes getting a parking ticket. If you are new to downtown or need help finding a place to park, call us at 447-8419.

  • $10 for meter or lot violations
  • $25 for overtime and other street violations
  • $100 for a handicap violation. These fees are set by City of Helena Ordinance or federal law.

Find our parking maps here(JPG, 1MB)

Lot Box/Meter Problems:

If you are experiencing any issues with lot boxes or meters, please call us at 447-8419.

Goldie Coin Parking Tokens

Goldie Coins: Save 20% Every Day

Purchase $8 in Goldie Coin tokens to get $10 worth of parking value.

Get your Goldie Coin parking tokens at the City of Helena Parking office, 225 N. Cruse Avenue. Goldies are great for people who work part-time or odd hours. They can save you money at parking meters and parking lot pay stations.

Frequently Used Parking Forms