Parks Improvement - Fire Tower

The Helena Fire Tower

About the Project

The Parks division is leading the effort to rehabilitate the Fire Tower and repair damage done by a fire in 2016. The Fire Tower will be disassembled and as much of the original wood will be saved as possible and spliced in with new wood. The tower will be reassembled, fencing replaced and lights reinstalled.

The plan is being reviewed by the State Historic Preservation Office and the entire project has been done in cooperation with the Lewis and Clark County Preservation Office.

In 2019, the city contracted with Anthony and Associates to produce a study of all of the wood components, identify species and determine the rate of decomposition of the timbers.

In 2022, the City contracted with Porter and Associates and Fire Tower engineering to develop a repair plan and engineered drawings to make the repairs.

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Craig Marr
Parks, Recreation and Open Lands