SUMMER 2024 SWIM LESSONS - Registration Opens May 1st  

All the information on lessons and the pool will be available in our Parks and Recreation Summer Guide, coming the beginning of April.

Click Here to Find Your Child's Swim Lesson Level

Click Here Starting May 1st to Register For Swim Lessons Online There will be no in-person registration available, if you need help registering please call 406-447-8077.

Create a family account including family members and birth dates, then go to the activities to register for swimming lessons and complete the checkout process. 

We offer American Red Cross swim lessons, our instructors are Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructors. Above is a flowchart to find the correct level for your child. Below are session dates and level times.  For more detailed level descriptions and prices click here.

Red Cross

Classes are Monday - Thursday for two weeks. 

Session 1: June 17th - June 28th

Session 2: July 1st - July 11th (No class July 4th)

Session 3: July 15th - July 25th

Session 4: July 29th - August 8th


Level times offered each session:

Level 5: 9:30am - 10:00am

Level 4: 10:05am - 10:35am, 11:15am - 11:45am, 6:20pm - 6:50pm 

Level 3 Advanced: 10:40am - 11:10am, 4:00pm - 4:30pm

Level 3: 10:05am - 10:35am, 10:40am - 11:10am, 6:20pm - 6:50pm

Level 2 Advanced: 10:40am - 11:10am, 11:15am - 11:45am, 6:20pm - 6:50pm

Level 2: 9:30am - 10:00am, 10:05am - 10:35am, 11:15am - 11:45am, 11:50am- 12:20pm, 4:00pm - 4:30pm, 5:45pm - 6:15pm

Level 1 Advanced: 9:30am - 10:00am, 10:40am - 11:10am, 11:15am - 11:45am (2 classes), 11:50am - 12:20pm (2 classes), 4:35pm - 5:05pm

Level 1: 9:30am - 10:00am, 10:05am - 10:35am (2 classes), 11:15am - 11:45am, 11:50am - 12:20pm, 4:35pm - 5:05pm, 5:10pm - 5:40pm, 5:45pm - 6:15pm

Preschool: 9:30am - 10:00am (2 classes), 10:05am - 10:35am, 10:40am - 11:10am (2 classes), 11:15am - 11:45am, 11:50am - 12:20pm, 4:00pm - 4:30pm, 4:35pm - 5:05pm, 5:10pm - 5:40pm, 5:45pm - 6:15pm

Parent & Child: 11:50am - 12:20pm, 5:10pm - 5:40pm

Private Lessons: 9:30am - 10:00am, 10:05am - 10:35am, 10:40am - 11:10am, 11:15am - 11:45am, 11:50am - 12:20pm, 4:00pm - 4:30pm, 4:35pm - 5:05pm, 5:10pm - 5:40pm, 5:45pm - 6:15pm, 6:20pm - 6:50pm


All Private Lessons are 30 minutes long and are scheduled for the same time slots as group lessons.

Starting May 1st you can register for private lessons here.

Girl helping child with a back float 


    • Lessons may be canceled due to thunder, lightning, strong winds, temperatures below 50 degrees fahrenheit or smoke levels considered unsafe.
    • Swim instructors will call you to let you know if classes are canceled for that day.
    • Feel free to call us, but during storms our phone is often busy.  If you can't reach us don't be discouraged, we will call you.
    • Group lessons will be issued a credit on their city account for the amount of one lesson.  That credit can be put towards future lessons or pool admission.
    • Private lessons will be refunded.