Tenmile / South Helena Forest Restoration Collaborative Committee

The collaborative was created by the Helena City Commission by Resolution No. 20106 in July, 2014 to fulfill the following objectives:

A. Provide recommendations to state and federal agencies on projects being proposed in the Tenmile municipal watershed and South Helena area. This may include watershed restoration, vegetation management, wildfire mitigation, mine reclamation, recreation, and other projects;

B. Identify potential project design and implementation issues and seek solutions early in the site selection and project planning processes; and

C. Offer the agency input/knowledge regarding the potential effects of a proposed action or activity.

Current Collaborative Members

Contact the collaborative members: tenmilecollaborative(at)helenamt.gov

Chair, Joe Cohenour
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
(1) Representing: Conservation Organization

Vice Co-Chair, Mike Bishop
(2) Representing: Citizen at Large

Vice Co-Chair, Jordan Alexander
Baxendale Fire Department
(3) Representing: Fire Community

Ron Alles, City Manager
(4) Representing: City of Helena

Angie Grove
(5) Representing: Recreational User Community

Jeff Chaffee
Bison Engineering
(6) Representing: Commercial Use Organization

Gary Marks, Marks-Miller Post and Pole
(7) Representing: Commercial Use Organization

Jim McCormick, L&C County Commissioner
(8) Representing: L&C County

Doug Powell
(9) Representing: Citizen at Large

Leonard Wortman, Jefferson County Commissioner
(10) Representing: Jefferson County

Eleanor Morris, The Nature Conservancy
(11) Representing: Conservation Organization

For questions or comments related to the Ten Mile Watershed Projects, please call or email:

Sarah Elkins
Assistant to the City Manager/Public Affairs Specialist
City of Helena, City Manager's Office

Kathy Bushnell
Public Affairs/Community Outreach
USDA, Forest Service, Helena National Forest