The Solid Waste Division

The Solid Waste Division is equipped to meet all your disposal needs.  We operate both residential and commercial waste collection for the City of Helena.  We also operate the Solid Waste Transfer Station.

The Transfer Station handles residential and commercial garbage disposal and permitting and is located at:
1975 N Benton Ave (just north of Carroll College)

Transfer Station is open 7 days a week Monday - Sunday 8:00am - 4:15pm for disposal. ALL VEHICLES MUST BE UNLOADED AND OUT OF THE FACILITY BY 4:30PM.  Closed on all major holidays, see our holidays page for more information.

Transfer Station Administration Office (permitting) is open Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm.  OUR OFFICE HAS RE-OPENED AS OF JUNE 1, 2021 for permit issue/replacements.  See our permits page for more information.

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Contact Information

Contact Information

Email us!

Scale 406-447-8082 - option 3
Permit Clerk 406-447-8086

Jacob Larson, Administrative Assistant - 447-8068
Kim Carley, Recycling Program Coordinator, - 447-8084
Jim Lang, Solid Waste Supervisor, - 447-8087
Bulk Waste Pickup Service 406-447-8082 option 2

Hours of Operation:

Open Monday - Sunday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. ALL VEHICLES MUST BE UNLOADED AND OUT OF THE FACILITY BY 4:30PM.  Closed on all major federal holidays.

Holiday Closures

Holiday Closures

2021 Holiday Closures


December 25, 2020


January 1


Christmas Day


News Year's Day






Transfer Station Closed.  Collection pick up Thursday.


Transfer Station Closed.  Collection pick up Thursday.

January 18

Martin Luther King Day


Transfer Station Closed.  Collection pick up Tuesday.

February 15

Presidents' Day


Transfer Station Closed.  Collection pick up Tuesday.

May 31

Memorial Day


Transfer Station Closed.  Collection pick up Tuesday.

July 4-5

Independence Day



Transfer Station Open, Sunday July 4th.  

Transfer Station Closed, Monday July 5th.  Collection pickup Tuesday.

September 6

Labor Day


Transfer Station Closed.  Collection pickup Tuesday.

October 11

Indigenous Peoples' Day


Transfer Station Closed.  Collection pickup Tuesday.

November 11

Veterans' Day


Transfer Station Closed.  Collection pickup Friday.

November 25

November 26


Day after Thanksgiving



Transfer Station Closed, Thursday 25th.  Collection pickup will be on Friday.  

Transfer Station Admin Office Closed Friday, November 26th.

December 24-25

Christmas Day


Transfer Station Closed, Saturday 25th.  Collection pickup normal on Friday.

Transfer Station Admin Office Closed Friday, December 24th.


*Please visit this website as changes may occur throughout calendar year.  We try to give as much notice as possible.*

Sanitation Codes for the City of Helena

Solid Waste FAQ

Solid Waste FAQ

Q: I lost my permit – how do I receive a replacement?

A: Visit the Transfer Station Administrative Building in-person or call 447-8086. Permit issue and replacement hours are Monday - Friday; 8:00am - 4:00pm only.  Due note: a $5.00 replacement fee (cash, check or credit card) is required and replacement permits are issued to the legal homeowner only, with a picture ID.  Learn more about solid waste permits via our Permits page.

Q: Is a permit required to use the Transfer Station?

A: Everyone is welcome to use the Transfer Station. Residents that pay Solid Waste Assessments are eligible for City or County permits, and may enter using a valid permit. All other customers can pay with cash, check, credit card or use a commercial Transfer Station account. There is a $6.00 minimum (0 to 200 pounds). The current tipping fee is $56.75 per ton. For account forms or cost per pound for cash customers, please visit our Forms page.


Q: I just moved into a new or existing home and need to establish service. What do I do?

A:  If you have purchased an existing home in the city limits you should already have a garbage container.  It may be an individual 96 gallon container or a 300 gallon shared container in the alley. If the home is a brand new construction, the property owner must come to the Transfer Station and pay a pro-rated solid waste assessment.  You can pick up your permit at that time. Visit our Residential and Commercial Collection page for more information or call 447-8086.


Q: How do I dispose of tires?

A: We do accept most tires at the Transfer Station. We cannot accept tires larger than 3 feet high or 18 inches wide. Learn more about fees and requirements via our Allowable Waste page.


Q: If I put a large item out in front of my house like a couch, will Solid Waste pick it up for me?

A: You can request a Bulk Waste Collection Truck to pick up items you are unable to bring to the dump. The truck must be scheduled in advance and there are fees associated for its use.  Call 447-8082 option 2 to request Bulk Waste Collection.  Call 447-8086 if you have questions.


Q: Can I rent a container for a project at my home?

A: Absolutely! Solid Waste has a roll-off container for every sized project. The City of Helena Roll-offs can only be delivered within the City Limits. Please call us at 447-8082, option 3 if you are unsure of your location. Learn more about sizes and costs via our Residential & Commercial Collection page.


Q: What day is does my residential trash get picked up?

A: Check out the solid waste collection days map via our Forms page.


Q: Can I dispose of paint at the Transfer Station?

A: During special events throughout the year, we can accept certain paints for disposal. However, the rest of the year, paints must be handled the following way: paints, solvents, and other liquid wastes may be air-dried or solidified in sand or kitty litter and then double bagged for disposal. If you are unsure about a specific item - call the Recycling Line at 447-8084 for assistance or learn more via our Allowable Waste page.


Q: How much do I have left on my permit?

A: Call 447-8086 to inquire about remaining tonnage on a permit.  Please have your permit on hand to better assist you.


Q: How can I dispose of a refrigerator?

A: You can dispose of appliances with freon at the Transfer Station. Costs are associated to learn more via our Allowable Waste page.


Q: Can I recycle electronic waste at the Transfer Station?

A: Some items can be accepted for recycling, while others must be disposed of in the Transfer Station pit. Learn more about these items via the Allowable Waste page.


Q: I moved, how do I change my address on file?

A: Please visit our forms page to complete an application to change mailing address on file.  You may also call 447-8086 to determine if that is the right form for your circumstances.