The Water Treatment Division has a variety of duties to perform to acquire, treat and supply water culminating at the consumer's water tap. This requires the Water Treatment Division to work co-operatively with regulatory groups, environmental groups, and the public. The primary responsibilities and duties that are required are:

  • Provide water resource management, to ensure adequate supplies for yearly operations.
  • To provide our customers with potable and palatable water.
  • To meet or exceed all regulatory requirements as required by the State DEQ and
  • the U.S. EPA regarding the Safe Water Drinking Act ensuring public health.
  • To accumulate water for late summer and winter usage in two reservoirs by means of an aqueduct system. To pre-treat the water contained in these reservoirs as required preventing algae growth. To maintain and monitor the dam structures to assure the public safety downstream.
  • To operate and maintain the watershed supply for the Ten Mile Water Treatment Plant with the best quality of water.
  • To operate and maintain the Missouri River Treatment Plant. To use the plant in conjunction with the Ten Mile Water Treatment Plant to maintain water flows as economically as possible.
  • To operate and maintain five pump stations to supply water at different elevations.
  • To periodically test the water and report the findings to all regulatory agencies.

The Water Treatment Division’s goals are to maintain the highest standards for water treatment while choosing a cost effective means to meet future standards. Supply customers with the highest quality potable water possible while keeping the water costs down. Investigate and implement practical and cost effective methods to treat the water looking at new and old technology.

Eric Urban
City of Helena
Water Treatment Superintendent
1115 Rimini Rd.
Helena, MT 59602
(406)457-8512 (Water Treatment)
(406)457-8510 (fax) Water Treatment

Carrie Hahn
Admin Assistant
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