Water Meter Reading and Maintenance Program

This section reads and maintains over 11,346 water meters. We install meters for new construction and repair existing meters. The city has new Neptune radio read water meters.  All meters are read every month.  If you have a high water bill, feel the read is incorrect, or have meter problems, please call our office for an appointment.

The City Building Division handles all the permits for the water meters and system development fees. Click Here for a complete description and picture explaining how to read your meter.

Our water meters are Neptune radio read meters which are read by an automatic meter reading system that sends a low powered radio signal from an MIU (meter interface unit) connected to your water meter to a computer mounted in the meter service vehicle. The computer-equipped vehicle drives down the street and automatically reads water meters.  This allows City of Helena Water employees to conveniently read your meter without entering your property or home.  The information is then used to produce a bill.

Leaking meters, noisy meters and other meter problems should be reported to Water Utility Maintenance at 457-8567.  Freezing conditions can damage water meters. If your meter freezes because you neglected to take simple steps to protect it from the cold, the City Water Department will repair or replace the meter at your expense.  If the Water Department has to repair or replace your water meter, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to re-insulate and re-install heat tape on the water meter.

Backflow Prevention Program:  Helena implements back flow and cross-connection control for protection of the water system through the Universal Plumbing Code and adopted Engineering Standards.  This Ordinance #3161 requires that all backflow devices be tested at the time of installation and at least annually thereafter.  Testing must be performed by a certified backflow prevention assembly tester that has been placed on the City of Helena certified testers list after proving that he or she is a competent tester.  Backflow devices are necessary to ensure that both health and no health hazards do not backflow into the drinking water system.

Certified Backflow Testers: A contact list of certified backflow testers in the Helena area.

Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report