How do we read the water meters monthly without getting inside your house?

The meters are read with a radio read receiver monthly. The reading unit is mounted in a truck then driven through the city to pick up all reads.  Each meter is identified by a dedicated ID number that is returned to the host computer.

If I am leaving town for an extended period is it possible to have my water shut off and my bill stopped?

Yes, we can shut off your curb box before you leave town.  You can call our office and schedule an appointment at this time we will take a final read and you will not be billed until the water is turned back on.  There is a $75 charge for this service.

How do I locate my curb box?

You can call our office at 457-8567 we have a record of most curb boxes.  We can come out and try and locate it for you; however we can not guarantee they can always be located.

How do I get my curb box shut off?

You can call our office M-F and schedule someone to come locate your curb box and shut it off.  We do not provide this service after hours unless it's an emergency situation.

Who is responsible to repair curb boxes?

The home owner is responsible for the curb box to be in operable condition.

What part of the water service to my house is my responsibility?

The home owner is responsible for the water service from the city water main to the residence.  The City owns and maintains the water meters and the water mains.

How do I get my water pressure checked?

We can check the pressure that is in your house, if you are experiencing problems or your inside pipes rattling it could possibly be that your pressure relief valve is not working properly and needs replaced.

I have a sewer gas smell in my house?

This is a common occurrence during high winds.  If you pour water down your floor drains or traps this should take care of it.

What if I have water backing up inside my house?

Call our office at 457-8567 or after house call the HPD 442-3233 we will come jet the main and make sure our city main is clear before you call a plumber.

How can I find out where my sewer tap is?

Call our office 457-8567 we can look up where your connected to the main and give you the dimensions.

What if I see someone dumping something down a stormdrain?

Call our office immediately at 457-8567 if after hours please leave a detailed message.

What if I find a stormdrain that is full of leaves or debris?

Please call our office at 457-8567 and we will come and remove the debris so the drain can work properly.