Utility Maintenance Division


The Division is responsible for water distribution, meter and backflow distribution and maintenance, wastewater collection and storm water collection portions of the City of Helena Water Utility, Wastewater Utility and Storm water Utility.

Charges for water and sewer are billed through Utility Customer Service.
Do you have utility billing questions? Call Utility Customer Services Division at 447-8450.

If you have an urgent concern regarding your sewer, water or a stormdrain
please call our office at 457-8567. 
Outside normal business hours please call Police Dispatch at 457-8865
or, for Emergencies, Dial 911.

Service Line Replacement Loan Program

The Service Line Replacement Loan Program was put into effect through Resolution No. 20494 on the 29th of October, 2018 to lighten the immediate financial burden to homeowners needing to repair a water service line or sewer service line on an emergency basis.  The zero percent (0%) interest loan is offered to all Helena residents who pay into the loan program via their City Utility Bills, and is restricted to single dwelling unit residential properties.  Loan coverage extends from the connection to the main to within 2 feet of the exterior foundation wall of the home.  The loan term is not to exceed 10 years from the date of loan approval, though loans can be paid off at any time prior to 10 years with no penalty assessed.  In addition, dependent on the Median Family Income of the applicant, the homeowner may be eligible for loan deferral, which allows the homeowner to pay off the loan upon the sale or transfer of the property.  All prospective loan recipients must go through an application and approval process, submit their contractor(s)' bids and final invoices, and sign a Loan Agreement, prior to receipt of loan funds.   For additional information, please see Resolution No. 20494, call 457-8567, or send an email to UMDinfo(at)helenamt.gov.  If you would like to apply for a Service Line Replacement Loan, please fill out the Service Line Replacement Loan Program Application materials and return your application to the address on the application. 

Water Meter Program & What It Means to You

During 2005 and 2006, all city water meters were replaced with new radio read meters. These meters contain batteries for distributing an electronic radio read. The batteries have a life span of 10 to 15 years and were placed on a schedule to be replaced by city crews starting December 4, 2017.

The new replacement meters will still be read remotely, via a radio signal. The new water meters contain a feature that allows them to be read from almost anywhere in the city  providing more accurate and timely water use information, along with more in depth read and diagnostic information. Improvements have also been made to the life span of the battery in the new meters along with the radio read output strength. These improvements will also allow the city to make upgrades in both meter reading capabilities and customer service information in coming years.

An initial letter followed by a door hanger will notify you when your area is scheduled for meter change-out.  Also, City staff will be in the area knocking on doors and leaving notifications where needed.

Please be patient with us during this process. Our goal is to be able to serve you, our customers, better. Please call the Utility Maintenance Division at (406) 457-8567 with questions about this program. 



Emergency numbers:

  • Daytime (8 to 5) for water or sewer leaks or problems 457-8567
  • After Hours emergencies call 457-8865 or 911