The purpose of sweeping is to keep the city asphalt streets free of dirt and debris.  The Street Division will do its best to help the city present a positive image.  Clean streets are very important in achieving that end.  Control of dirt and dust is also important in maintaining air quality.

The Street Division employs a variety of sweeper types to maintain the streets for a variety of conditions:  wet and heavy sand and/or sediment following downpours or spring thaw; dry debris and dust of summer; heavy chips following chip and seal operations; leaf pickup in the fall; and dry and cold pickup in the winter.  Sweeping is a maintenance operation and by definition we will never finish.  Our operation slowly, methodically, and with persistence will sweep our streets to maintain a clean appearance.

The public can do several things to assist the Street Division in efforts to keep our beautiful city clean and presentable.  The first and most important would be to move vehicles and trailers parked along the curb periodically.  This allows sweeper access to all curb lines.  Vehicles that are unusable should be moved off street to comply with the City of Helena Abandoned Vehicle Ordinance.” If it is inconvenient to move, broom the area so a sweeper can pick up the debris.  Sweep winter sand from sidewalks into the gutter during spring cleanup.

The Street Division is able to recover leaves that fall onto the street and boulevard and adjacent sidewalks   We will not sweep leaves that come from lawns, as we do not have the resources to accommodate this volume of debris.  Please bag or haul leaves to the Transfer Station. 

For safety reasons please do not leave portable basketball hoops in the street.  They are difficult to see and navigate around and can damage our equipment, which could result in the pursuit of repair costs.

To Read More on City of Helena Street Sweeping (PDF) click here to open link