What NOT to put in, or around, your container

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Trash Container up against pole
This container is too close to the pole for the automated arms to pick up
Example of Overfull Container
Container is over full, large or long items can damage inside of truck
Boards Sticking up from Trash Container
This container will be stickered for unauthorized items
Container on street facing wrong direction
This may look okay, but it is backwards, trash can land around the truck instead of inside
Trash around Alley Container
Examples of Overfull Container with trash on ground
Example of Overfull Container
Another example of what is "OVERFULL"
Example of Overfull Container
This one is VERY FULL
Trash around Alley Container
Over full; tires can't go in trash containers. Haul to Transfer Station.If there is an empty container nearby, please bring trash to that container.
Container filled with Branches
Branches can not go in containers
LaLarge items/Tires scattered around containerd it
Tires and large items need to be brought into the Transfer Station
Mattress and other trash propped on container
For items that do not fit in the container, please call our Tramp Truck line at 447-8086 for pick up options. These items will not be picked up with normal trash pick up, and may interfere with weekly trash removal.
Matress at Recycling area
Please do not dump items at Off-Site Recycling areas. Haul your trash to the Transfer Station. Questions - call 447-8086.
Tall Roll sticking out of Trash Can
This WILL NOT fit in the collection truck.
Very Full Container