Recycling at The Transfer Station

Everyone is welcome to recycle at the Transfer Station.  Anyone out of district or without a valid Scratchgravel, City of Helena permit or City of Helena Recycling Permit may enter as a cash recycler.

Residential Permit Holder Recycling – When using a permit issued by either the City of Helena or the Scratchgravel Solid Waste District, please declare “recycling” on the inbound scale before the scale operator enters your permit information.  Recycling is not deducted from your yearly weight allowance.   Should the permit holder have both recycling and trash in the same load, there are two options.

  • Option 1 – the permit holder can make one trip, dispose of the trash and recycling; the weight of the entire load will be deducted from the permits weight allowance.
  • Option 2– the permit holder can make two trips thru the scale, one trip to dispose of recyclables (weighing in and out)  and one trip to dispose of the trash (weighing in and out).

Cash Recycling – Anyone who does not have a residential permit for the transfer station can recycle by paying cash.  There is a $6.00 minimum charge which allows you to drop up to 200 pounds.  Anything over the 200 lbs will be assessed at the current tipping fee of $58.75 per ton. Please let the scale operator know you are a cash recycler upon arriving at the scale window.  Your vehicle will be weighed in and payment will be collected after weighing out on the outbound side.

Renters Recycling Permits – If you are a renter within the City Limits, you may be eligible for a recycling permit if you rent in a 4-plex or smaller.  Call 447-8086 for more information about renters recycling permits.

Click here for a list of items that are considered recyclable at the Transfer Station.