Recycling Program Challenges

Contaminated Cardboard Container
Cardboard container is contaminated with trash
Cardboard Container with Trash
This load of cardboard will be landfilled
Black Bags in Plastic Recycling
Non-recyclable items in the Number 2 Bin - Black bags, Plastic packing, and DVD cases not accepted, they are not recyclable with our processor
Cardboard not Broken Down
Cardboard must be broken down
Peanut Butter container with peanut butter
Plastic must be rinsed to be recycled
Box of Glass with Sign - Free Glass
Glass left at Transfer Station that was not recycled. Please recycle your glass properly, remove lids, and put in recycling container.
Compost by Cardboard Container
Bags of Compost should be hauled to Transfer Station. Please help Off-site Recycling sites remain usable for Recyclers