Off-Site Recycling Drop off Locations

No PLASTIC OR GLASS accepted at the Off Site Locations;  If you would like to ensure these items get recycled, please bring them to the Recycling Area at the Transfer Station. Bags of plastic and any items other than cans, paper and cardboard left at our Off-site recycling locations will not be recycled.

  • Safeway - 611 N. Montana - Re-opens 8/9/18
  • L&C County Fairgrounds - 98 W. Custer
  • Boeing - 3200 Skyway Drive; just past the Airport
  • Across from Dale Harris Park - In the median between the one-way streets on the west end of Cruse Ave towards Park Avenue

The above locations accept steel and aluminum cans, newspapers, office paper, magazines and corrugated cardboard. Glass and Plastic are not accepted atthese sites. These containers are provided for household recycling. If you have a large amount of cardboard or if you are a large quantity generator (such as a commercial business), please direct haul your cardboard directly to Pacific Recycling. (Recommended to call first) This will ensure the containers are not overfilled and there is room in the containers for household recyclers. 

The Transfer Station accepts all of the above as well as used motor oil, container glass and Plastics #1 and Plastics #2. Permits or payments are required when recycling at the Transfer Station. 

If containers are NOT at these locations - they are probably being serviced and will return soon. Please check back.
Questions? Email or call the Recycling Supervisor at 406-447-8084.