Route Drivers
Solid Waste Route Collection Drivers, Solid Waste Superintendent & Supervisor

Collection Services offered by The City of Helena Solid Waste Division

      The Solid Waste Division is equipped to meet all waste disposal needs.

  • Commercial service that includes 7 container sizes, with pick-up options 6 days a week. 
  • Roll-off dumpsters for construction or clean-up projects.
  • Residential trash pick-up for City of Helena residents.
  • Tramp Truck service for typical household trash that does not fit in your container.

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Front load Garbage Truck
Commercial pick-up 6 days a week
Roll-off Truck
Demolition, construction & cleanup rental
Side Load Garbage Truck
Residential pick-up within The City of Helena
Rear Load Tramp Truck
Tramp-truck service