Water Main Replacements Projects

The proposed project consists of the replacement/upsizing of approximately 4,170 lineal feet of existing 6 and 8 inch water mains of varied construction with new ductile iron mains. Project includes 10 new fire hydrants, 22 new gate valves and the associated fittings, cathodic protection, service lines and pavement restoration.

Estimated Cost: $498,100.00

Status: Currently being surveyed and designed by City Engineering Department Staff.

Update: Construction planned for Summer/Fall 2017.

Project Plan Documents

Project #16-08 Prospect Avenue Water Main Replacement Project

Description: The proposed project consists of installing approximately 1290 Lineal Feet of 8” class 52 ductile iron water main with all associated taps, valves, hydrants and fittings. The project is located on Prospect Ave west of Montana Ave to North Hoback St in the south central part of Helena MT. The project includes, but is not limited to traffic control, asphalt patching and other associated work.

Estimated Cost: $245,000

Status as of October, 2017: Project is complete.

Project Plan Documents