Quiet Zone Projects

Quiet Zone Phase II: This project will consist of preliminary, final design, bidding and construction of the Quiet Zone Improvements as detailed in the Quiet Zone Phase I.

Estimated Cost: $500,000.00

Updated Cost Estimate (May 2017): $574,925

Status as of December 2017: The crossing of the railroad tracks along Benton has been completed. The lighting is also complete. The project will be complete by the end of 2017. The Quiet Zone Establishment s scheduled for December 19, 2017.

This means that engineers on the trains have been notified and understand the newly established recommendations. If there are any perceived safety concerns, engineers can and will continue to blow their horn under their discretion. Horns may still be heard by residents when used outside of the crossings within the quiet zone, beyond city limits, and at the rail yard.

Current Project Documents (No change in plan since last update, July 2016. Corrected cover sheet status: Project is in re-bidding with plans for Spring 2017 construction.)

Project Contact:
David Knoepke, PE
Civil Engineer, City of Helena
Phone: 406-447-8099
Email: dknoepke@helenamt.gov