Knight Street Sidewalk Project

Thank you for learning more about the Knight Street Sidewalk Project. 

Download Knight Street Preliminary Plans

Download Knight Street September 12, 2019 Presentation


Eight blocks of Knight Street, east of C.R. Anderson Middle School (Cleveland to Benton Ave), has been identified as a “safe passage project” by the City of Helena. City safe passage projects focus on creating pedestrian-friendly infrastructure to support safety and accessibility in areas that lack such assurances. This section of Knight Street is a heavily traveled pedestrian route, especially by students and is without consistent, accessible sidewalks. The proposed project is similar to the federal “safe routes to school” initiative, but due to lack of federal funding, will be funded at the local level. 

If you wish to provide public comment regarding this project or be part of an email list for project notifications, please email Rebecca Connors rconnors(at) .

Design is currently at 75% and will go to the City Commission this fall ( to be determined). 



Ryan Leland – Interim Public Works Director, RLELAND(at), 447-8433

Paul Montgomery – Anderson-Montgomery Consulting Engineers, paul(at), 459-8463

Mark Young - Transportation Engineer, myoung(at), 447-8099