Centennial Trail West

Joslyn Street Path/Centennial Trail West

A proposed 10 feet wide shared-use paved path. The path will begin near the intersection of the railroad tracks and Joslyn Street and proceed south toward Spring Meadow Lake State Park. During the design process an offer was presented that was evaluated and accepted to construct the trail along the original identified route along the abandoned BNSF spur line. The trail will span from Montana Wild along the spur line northeast to just east of the existing trail intersection with Joslyn Street. (See attached plans.)

Estimated Cost:
$329,369.76 – Base Bid
$49,641.12 – Additive Alt #1
$47,484.36 – Additive Alt #2
$36,716.76 – Additive Alt #3
$160,952.40 – Additive Alt #4

Status: Construction is ongoing.

Update as of September 20, 2016: Project is complete.

Project Plan Documents

Project Contact:
David Knoepke, PE
Civil Engineer, City of Helena
Phone: 406-447-8099
Email: dknoepke@helenamt.gov