Henderson Street Drainage Improvements Project

The proposed project is to install a closed conduit pipe system in place of the drainage swale along the east side of Henderson Street from Leslie Avenue to Broadwater Circle. The project generally consists of removal of 300 linear feet of 24-inch concrete culvert; installation of 130 linear feet of 24-inch concrete pipe; 1300 linear feet of 36-inch concrete pipe; 3 curb inlets; 3 manholes; erosion control; traffic control; 50 trees and miscellaneous removal and installation of asphalt, sidewalk and curb and gutter.

Estimated Cost: $300,000

Status: Under contract with Bullock Construction

Anticipated Construction Schedule as of December 2017: Winter shut-down, curb and gutter and landscaping to be completed Spring 2018.

Project Plan Documents

Project Contact:
Matthew Culpo
Stormwater Engineer, City of Helena
Phone: 406-447-8073
Email: mculpo@helenamt.gov