Front Street Projects - Final Design and Contractor Solicitation

Background: A Preliminary Engineering Report was completed through a professional services contract with WGM. A preferred alternative for streetscape, storm drainage and water main replacement was included in the report, based on public input and other design considerations. Click here to view the complete document. 

Design Status: Final design of the Front Street project has nearly completed by KLJ. A set of construction plans and bid package has been prepared. Final design utility information has been recently collected and is being incorporated into the final design. 

Construction Schedule: The project is scheduled to bid this winter for a spring construction start. 

Status: 90% Design Plans have been prepared by the consultant, KLJ. A report to City Commission is pending receipt of a cost estimate from North Western Energy. 



Project Contact:
Ryan Leland, PE
City Engineer, City of Helena
Phone: 406-447-8433