2016 Sanitary Sewer Main Rehabilitations

The proposed project consists of rehabilitating approximately 3,364 lineal feet of 8” concrete/clay sewer main, 1,375 lineal feet of 10” concrete/clay sewer main, 850 lineal feet of 12” concrete/clay sewer main with cured in place pipe (C.I.P.P).

The project also includes manhole adjustments to grade and the installation of new frames and covers for 26 existing 48” diameter manholes and 3 existing 60” diameter manholes.

The project also includes 96 lateral sewer services that will need to be reconnected with this project. Excavation and spot repair of existing pipes will also be required as part of this project.

Estimated cost: $378,127.00

Status: Project was proposed and budget approved in February, 2016. It is currently in design phase.

Project Plan Documents

#16-09 Cover Document

#16-09 Legend and Notes

#16-09 2 Logan Street

#16-09 3 Lyndale and Helena

#16-09 4 Livingston and Harris

#16-09 5 Sanders and Lamborn

#16-09 6 10th and Last Chance Gulch

#16-09 7 Warren and Highland

#16-09 8 Breckenridge

Project Contact:
Jamie Clark, PE
Civil Engineer, City of Helena
Phone: 406-447-8098
Email: jclark@helenamt.gov