Tree Maintenance

It is the city’s goal to preserve as many trees as possible.  To this end, trees will not be removed unless dead, dying, diseased, or damaged, as determined by city tree maintenance staff.  It is natural for trees to drop their leaves, flowers, or seeds due to winds and seasonal cycles.  By city ordinance, property owners are responsible for keeping the public areas adjacent to their properties free of debris and litter.  Street trees are the property of the city of Helena. Destroying them is against the law.


Nature/location of complaint/concern: Refer To: Phone #:
Tree emergency—fallen tree or branch blocking street or sidewalk

HPD for immediate response to secure area. HPD will call HP&R for removal

Witnessing malicious tree damage or removal

Call HPD while in progress. HPD will call HP&R

Street tree trimming/planting/removal call HP&R 406-447-8426
Tree donations call HP&R 406-447-8426
Parks maintenance call HP&R 406-447-8413
Tree located on private property protruding into street or sidewalk call HP&R 406-447-8458 
Tree located on private property protruding into other private property Civil matter, not city’s jurisdiction  
Sidewalk uplift call code enforcement406-447-8458
Tree interfering with high voltage line

call Northwestern Energy