The Urban Foresty Division has a list of permitted trees and a list along with a not permitted trees. To view this list, click here.

Fill out the Tree/Boulevard Work Permit, save it to your computer and then e-mail it to the Parks and Recreation office or print it out and and return it to the office at 316 North Park, Helena, MT 59623. Call the Parks and Recreation office, 406-447-8463 if you would like the form mailed to you.  The city will review your request.

Once your permit is approved, you may provide and plant the tree yourself. You may also apply for assistance with the cost of the tree from the city or from the Growing Friends of Helena organization. Assistance is available as funds permit.

For more information on planting street trees refer to the Helena Arboricultural Standards.

The city crews will not spray for insects, etc. Contact a private contractor for this work.

Yes, stumps are ground down below ground level in the winter. If a stump needs to be removed, please call  406-447-8485.

First of all, the city trims only the trees within street rights of way. City crews will not enter private property to trim trees.

To trim the most trees in a year, the city selects the streets where the trees need the most trimming.  After notifying homeowners, the tree maintenance crew will trim the trees from one end of the street to the other Monday through Thursday until all the trees are trimmed.

If you have a street tree in front of your home that has hanging or broken branches, you may call 406-447-8485 to request the city to look at the trees. If the tree poses an immediate danger to homes, pedestrians, or vehicles, city crews will trim or remove it immediately.  Otherwise, the crew may determine the tree can wait for regular trimming or take care of it on a Friday.

What if a tree within the boulevard is too large for me to trim? Do I have to hire someone?

No, the Helena Department of Parks and Recreation has an Urban Forestry division. The department schedules trimming of street trees throughout the year. The schedule includes about three to four streets a year.

If you wish to report broken branches or a dead or dying tree, please call 406-447-8485 Monday-Friday 7:00 am-3:30 pm. For tree emergencies after hours, call 911.