Park Reservation and Fees

Helena's Parks and Recreation Department is committed to providing local residents with a range of parks and recreation opportunities to improve health and quality of life.  People of all ages and abilities can access a variety of physical and non-physical programs and activities at the city's numerous parks and recreation facilities. 

On February 27, 2012, the city commission passed a resolution changing park use fees.  
The new fee structure is based on benefit type, event location, use of tents, and event length.

To make a reservation for an event with 200 or less participants:

To make a reservation for an event with more than 200 participants or for an event that uses Helena's Open Lands:

If you are an organization that schedules and pays for youth sports activities in city parks or on  courts:

If you have questions or wish to make a reservation, please contact Parks Administration at 447-8463.