• What is a boulevard?

    A boulevard is the area along the street between the sidewalk and the curb.

  • Who is responsible for maintenance of the boulevard?

    The adjacent property owner is responsible for maintenance of the boulevard as well as all property between the curb and the street right-of-way line adjacent to the property.

  • What does this maintenance include?

    Maintenance includes proper primary pruning of small trees, shrubs, mowing of lawns, weeding, litter removal, fertilizing, replacing plants when necessary, and regular watering of plants to keep them healthy.

  • What is the standard for landscaping within the boulevard?

    Where there are public trees and grass boulevards, the areas shall match the appearance and character of the boulevards in the blocks immediately adjacent to the block of the owner as well as the prevailing character of the neighborhood.

    In areas of new development where boulevard-type sidewalks have been installed, the boulevard must be developed and maintained as a grass strip with public trees as specified in Chapter 10 of this title.

  • What if I don’t want grass and trees within the boulevard?

    The Director of Parks and Recreation may grant variances to the landscaping standards of this section. This is done by first submitting an application to the director, which must include an attached proposed landscape and maintenance plan. There is no fee for this request.

    The landscape plan will consist of a scale drawing showing all alterations, modifications, and new development of the boulevard. Include the types of plant materials proposed, the size of the plants at planting, the size of the area being modified, and any other pertinent information relating to the plan.

    The maintenance plan will state how the applicant intends to maintain landscaped areas as well as how watering, trimming, trash removal, and other necessary maintenance practices will be done.

  • Under what conditions will a variance be granted?

    1. The proposed changes must match the appearance and character of the boulevards in the blocks immediately adjacent to the block of the owner as well as the prevailing character in the neighborhood.

    2. The plant material must be of adequate number, size, and type to ensure that within three (3) years of the initial planting, sixty (60) percent of the growth area is covered by the plant material, which includes a tree’s trunk but not the drip line of the tree.

    3. The plant material may consist of a combination of trees, shrubs, ground cover, and ornamental perennial flowers.

    4. Trees must comply with the standards of City Code 7-10.

    5. No shrub, ground cover, or flower may exceed thirty (30) inches in height.

    6. Materials such as bark mulch, river rock, lava rock, boulders, and driftwood may be used providing they do not become the dominant feature of the landscaping and prevent the plant material from covering sixty (60) percent of the boulevard.

    7. The landscaping may not create an unsafe condition to the public using the right of way. This may be due to creation of a sight obstruction or obstruction forcing a pedestrian out onto the street.

  • What if a tree within the boulevard is too large for me to trim? Do I have to hire someone?

    No, the Helena Department of Parks and Recreation has an Urban Forestry Division.  The department schedules trimming of street trees throughout the year. The schedule includes about four to five streets a year.

  • I want to plant a new tree in my boulevard, what trees can I plant?

    The Urban Foresty Division has a list of permitted trees and a list along with a not permitted trees. To view this list, click here.


  • How do I sign up for golf lessons?

    Please call Bill Roberts Golf Course at 406-442-2191 to sign up.  The golf course has a golf simulator allowing lessons to continue through the winter.  

  • How do I schedule a golf tournament?

    If you wish to schedule a golf tournament call Bill Roberts Golf Course at 406-442-2191.

  • How do I get food service for a golf tournament?

    If you are looking to get food services for your golf tournament call Bill Roberts Golf Course 406-447-1603.

  • How do I get a tee time at Bill Roberts Golf Course?

    To schedule a tee time at Bill Roberts Golf Course call 406-442-2191.

  • How do I buy golf passes, punch cards, equipment, or apparel?

    To buy golf passes, punch cards, equipment, or apparel visit Bill Roberts Golf Course located at 2201 North Benton Avenue or for more information call 406-442-2191.

Ice Rink

  • Are there skates to use?

    Yes, we have donated skates there for the public to use free of charge.

  • Is there a cost to skate?

    Yes, but only if you attend during the hours that the Memorial Park Warming House is open.  The attendance fees help defray costs for opening the building; children 0-17 pay $1.00 while adults 18 and older pay $1.50.

  • Are there concessions at the ice rink?

    Yes, we offer a variety of hot beverages such as cocoa.  We also have popcorn, Cup O-Noodles, soda, candy, and other items.

  • Can the public have a party at the ice rink?

    Yes.  Groups may reserve the back room during normal business hours for an additional nominal fee.  The facility may also be reserved during non-business hours.  Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department for more details, 447-8077.

  • When is the Warming House open?

    The hours are dependent upon the weather however; the rink is typically open during the Helena School District's Winter Break, school holidays, and the weekends in January and February.  Please call 443-8774 for details.

Kay's Kids

  • Do I have to pre-register my child for the Kay’s Kids program?

    Yes, please visit our registration website at for age groups and programming.

  • Can I register my child to any park?

    No, children will be grouped by age and will stay with that group all summer.  Groups will rotate to different parks for various scheduled programming. Please check the camp description for where your child's age group will be that week.

  • What are the age requirements for this program?

    The age requirements for the camps are 6-11 years old.  All children must be checked in by an adult.

  • Are there Recreation Leaders at each of the parks daily?

    Yes, there are Recreation Leaders at each of the parks during the season.

  • Do children have to attend everyday or all day in order to attend Kay’s Kids?

    Each day of camp is programmed around a theme.  If a child misses a day they will miss out on part of the program, however if a child needs to miss a day inform the Recreation Leader of their absence.

    Check in time is 7:45 AM to 8:30 AM

    Checkout time is 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM

  • Is there a free lunch at all of the parks?

    Perhaps, but this is not an activity sponsored by the city of Helena.  Please speak with the individual recreation leader to learn if there is a free lunch or not.  If in doubt, please pack a lunch for your child.

  • What is planned for the kids at Kay’s Kids?

    Please visit our registration site to view the themes by week and age group.  This summer our campers will be planting their own garden in the 6th Ward Garden, participating in the Wilderness Explorers Program, and taking swimming lessons just to name a few.

  • Can my child bring a friend to camp?

    Yes, only if they are in the same age group and they will need to register with the site leader at the park.

  • How do I find out about the free Kay McKenna summer recreation program for kids age 6-11?

    For more information, please visit our registration website at, or call 447-8077, or email at kperrodin(at)

  • How do I make a donation to the Kay McKenna Youth Foundation?

    A non-profit organization supporting the city of Helena’s summer park and recreation program for Helena's youth.

    Tax deductible donations can be sent to:
    Kay McKenna Youth Foundation
    P.O. Box 1260
    Helena MT 59624


Nuisance Vegetation

  • What is a nuisance weed?

    All weeds and uncared for vegetation creating potential fire hazards, physical obstructions for pedestrians and motor vehicles, or potential for spread of said vegetation.

  • What would be considered a nuisance weed?

    A nuisance weed would be any vegetation that creates a potential fire hazard, visual or physical obstruction for pedestrians or motor vehicles, or has the potential to spread.  An example of what a nuisance weed is vegetation that has not been watered regularly to keep it green and alive, thus increasing its potential to become a fire hazard.  Height is not a factor.  

    Another example is of a vacant lot.  During the spring when it rains the grass and weeds grow really tall, but they are green still, would not be considered a nuisance weeds.  When it gets hot and the grass and weeds begin to dry out that is when they would be considered nuisance weeds.

  • Is there anything you can do about dandelions?

    Dandelions are not considered nuisance vegetation and do not fall under the city's nuisance vegetation ordinance.

  • What is a noxious weed?

    Noxious Weeds are any exotic plant species established or that may be introduced in the state that may render land unfit for agriculture, forestry, livestock, wildlife, or other beneficial uses or that may harm native plant communities. (Montana Code Annotated  7-22-2101)  Currently, there are 32 plants listed as noxious weeds with 5 listed as regulated plants for the state of Montana.  Individual counties can have their own noxious weeds in addition to the states. Currently, Lewis and Clark County has 5 listed plants as noxious and they are: Black Henbane, Common Burdock, Common Mullein, Musk Thistle, and Garlic Mustard. To view both view these list click here.

  • Where can I find a list of noxious weeds?

    To find what plants are considered noxious, we have created a document that lists the noxious weeds for both the State of Montana and Lewis and Clark County.

  • I live in the city limits and my neighbor has spotted knapweed on his lot. Who do I contact to take care of this problem, city or county?

    Contact the city's code enforcement office and give a description of the problem and the location, preferably a street address or closest cross streets. The more detail that is provided assists in locating the problem area. After inspection, it can be determined that the area needs to be sent to the county weed district for noxious weed enforcement.

  • What is each property owner responsible for?

    Each property owner is responsible to control all weeds on his/her property and from his/her property line out to the center of the street or alley right of way. 

  • Who do I contact about weed issues?

    Call the city’s Code Enforcement Officer at 406-447-8458 or email.

  • What could delay the processing of my complaint?

    The most common problem that delays the processing of complaint is ownership. If the property has been sold many times or is a foreclosure, finding the right owner can be difficult and takes time. City code states that the owner must be notified and until the right owner is found a letter cannot be sent.  Sometimes the letter gets return for an incorrect address. Another problem that can delay a complaint is a vague description of the location of the possible violation. The more information that is provided, such as an address, the easier it is to make sure the correct area is being inspected.

Open Lands

  • How many acres are there on Mount Helena?

    Currently Mount Helena is over 900 acres with trails for biking, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

  • I have seen stacks of firewood on the open lands; can I get firewood from those piles or cut my own?

    No, you cannot cut your own firewood on any of city open lands or take the firewood from those piles.  The city donates some of the downed material from our fuels reduction projects as firewood for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP). This is coordinated with volunteers to split and transport the cut wood to LIEAP, who then disperses the material to those who qualify for their program.

  • I want to have a bike race or other event on open lands, is there something I need to do in order to have the event?

    Yes, you need to contact the Parks and Recreation office at 406-447-8463 to make a reservation for the event. We will need to know the logistics of the event, its type, date, location, how many people will be attending, parking, duration of event, if you are using tents, amplified sound, etc.  Once all the information is received, the reservation is reviewed to make sure it is appropriate for the area.  Not all events can work at any location in the open lands system.

  • Will I be charged for reserving my event?

    Yes, but the fees vary, so please contact the Parks and Recreation office at 406-447-8463.

  • How many acres are there in the open lands?

    The city of Helena currently owns and manages over 1718 acres of open, undeveloped parkland, including the popular Mount Helena City Park and several other trail locations. Much of this land was purchased with proceeds from the Helena open space bond passed in 1995.

  • Can I have my dog off leash on open lands?

    Dogs are welcome on the open lands, but there are limitations.  City Code states that in natural parks dogs must be kept on leash within 100 yards of the trailhead and must be kept under control, either on a leash or within sight and under voice control of their owners.  This means that all dogs must be on leashes at trailheads.  Once beyond 100 yards, your dog can be off leash only if they are under voice control and in sight.  If they are out of sight, they must be leashed again.  This is to prevent unwanted interactions between people, other dogs, and wildlife.  To report problems with dogs, please call Animal Control at the police non-emergency number 406-442-3233 or if it is an emergency, call 911.  We also ask that you pick up and dispose of all dog waste.

Park Codes and Damages

  • How do I report damage to property caused by parks equipment or personnel?

    For more information to report damage to property caused by parks equipment or personnel please contact the Risk Manager at 406-447-8406 or 406-447-8402.

  • How do I report vandalism or damage in a park?

    As it occurs, call the Police at 406-447-8461 and after it has occurred call Parks Maintenance at 406-447-8485 .

  • How do I report animals at large in parks?

    When reporting animals at large call Animal Control at 406-447-8461.

  • Dog waste info.

    Dog waste info.

Parking Requests

  • Why is there a “No Parking” sign outside my house?

    There are several reasons for a “No Parking” sign outside a residence or commercial location.  One is for use by emergency response vehicles.  Fire trucks need to be able to turn around easily.  This is accomplished by using different types of turnarounds such as cul-de-sacs and hammerheads (see City Engineering Standards).  Another reason for a “No Parking” sign is that resident(s) applied to change the parking district to a Type B Residential Parking District. (See below)

  • How do I find out what type of parking is allowed in my neighborhood?

    To determine what type(s) of parking are allowed in your neighborhood, you must know your zoning and parking district designation (if one exists). You can locate your zoning district by going to the Lewis and Clark County website, clicking on Information Technology and then clicking on GIS/Mapping. To find information on parking districts, please call the Helena Parking Commission at 447-8419 or visit the city’s website.

  • If I wanted to change the on-street parking in front of my house, what would I have to do?

    If you are interested in creating a residential parking district, contact the Helena Parking Commission at 406-447-8419.

  • What kinds of parking districts are there?

    There are two types of parking districts that are mentioned in Section 8-14-7 of the Helena City Code. These are a “Type A” Residential Parking District and a “Type B” Residential Parking District.  The “Type A” Parking District means that it shall be unlawful for any person to stop, stand or park a vehicle for any purpose longer than two (2) hours, other than those vehicles displaying a valid "Type A" residential parking district permit in any "Type A" residential parking district.  The “Type B” Parking District means it shall be unlawful for any person to stop, stand or park a vehicle for any purpose, other than those vehicles displaying a valid "Type B" residential parking district permit when on-street parking adjacent to such district has been officially designated and appropriately signed. 

  • Where do I get an application for changing my parking district?

    You need to contact the city manager's office at 406-447-8401.


  • Why should I make a park reservation?

    When park facilities are not reserved in advance, they are available to the public on a first come, first serve basis. A reservation entitles the renter to the exclusive use of an assigned area of the park during reserved hours. Reservations are required for all commercial and fee-based activities. Reservations are not required for commercial passive park use.

  • How much does a park reservation cost?

    A non-refundable $20 fee is assessed for all reservations, regardless of the nature of the use or park site. For groups or individuals who want to make recurring reservations, there is an additional $5 fee for each subsequent event.

  • How do I make a reservation?

    Reservations can be made by contacting the Parks Administration Office. Reservations may not be made more than 6 months in advance of the scheduled use. Deposits and fees are due at time of reservations. Reservations are FINAL with: completion of reservation form, approval from department and when the reservation deposit and appropriate fees are received.

  • What other fees will I have to pay?

    Depending upon the type of event or activity, additional fees are charged for park use, special park amenities and damage deposits. Park use fees are calculated using a baseline cost of $30 for a 4-hour period. Park use fees are structured by a percent of cost-recovery based on determining the community benefit level and the amount of hours of use.

  • When will my damage deposit be returned?

    Damage deposits are returned within 14 days if no damage has occurred associated with the park reservation use. If damages exceed the amount of the deposit, the renter will be billed accordingly.

  • Do activities or events on Open Lands require a reservation?

    Special use permits are required for all events or activities held on Helena Open Lands and any events or activities held in city parks that anticipate more than 200 participants or spectators. If it is an activity of a commercial nature, it is covered under the provisions of a commercial park use. A $20 special use administrative fee is required to initiate the permit process. Reservation fees are not required. Depending upon the nature of the event or activity, additional use fees will be charged if the activity or event is approved.

  • Can I operate a commercial activity in a city park or on Helena Open Lands?

    Yes, however any person, business or organization that provides paid instruction or offers for sale any food and/or beverages or merchandise in any park or recreation facility must obtain a commercial park use permit and pay a 1- time scheduling fee and the appropriate park use fees and damage deposits. Depending upon the use, commercial park use fees are set at the 50 to 100% cost-recovery level (benefit levels 3 to 5).

  • Can a non-profit organization host a fund-raising event in the park?

    Yes, however any organization that fundraises in any park or recreation facility must obtain a fundraising park use permit and pay a scheduling fee and the appropriate park use fee and damage deposits. Fundraising park use fees are set at the 25% cost-recovery level (benefit level 2).

  • Can I get a refund if I cancel my reservation?

    If you cancel your reservation within 10 working days prior to the reservation date a credit (for a future reservation) will be issued. If the park use or special event is canceled by the Parks & Recreation Department, a full refund will be given. For more information on the payment and refund policy please contact the Parks Office.

  • How do I reserve Memorial Park warming house?

    To reserve Memorial Park warming house, call or email the Parks and Recreation office at 406-447-8463.

  • How do I reserve the swimming pool and/or waterpark?

    For information about waterpark rental visit Last Chance Splash Waterpark & Pool.

  • How do I reserve a softball or baseball field for practice?

    To reserve a softball or baseball field for practice, call or email the Parks and Recreation office at 406-447-8463.


  • What is a sidewalk hazard?

    A sidewalk hazard is an obstruction of any kind that blocks public travel on the sidewalk.

  • Who is responsible for constructing, maintaining, and replacing sidewalks?

    Section 7-4-2 of the Helena City Code 7-4 states that the “abutting property owner” is responsible for building sidewalks to city specifications, and Sections 7-4-8 and 7-4-9 cover maintenance and repair of sidewalks as well as curb and gutter.

  • I have a brick sidewalk, do I follow the sidewalk ordinance in regards to repairs?

    No matter whether the sidewalk is constructed of concrete or of bricks you still have to follow the sidewalk ordinance. Brick sidewalks are specifically addressed in Section 7-4-10 of the Helena City Code. This states that you cannot replace a brick sidewalk with concrete unless it is approved by the city commission. In regards to trip hazards the same guidelines will be followed and that is any change elevation that exceeds ¼ inch in sidewalk sections or bricks are in violation of the ordinance.

  • If I live on a corner and I have to repair the corner section are there any additional regulations that I have to follow?

    Yes. You have to follow not only the sidewalk ordinance, but you have to follow the Engineering Standards for the City of Helena which references Montana Public Works Standards Specifications and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  It is in the Engineering Standards that states pedestrian ramps shall be installed for any new construction or reconstruction of curb and sidewalk.  Basically, if you are repairing the corner sidewalk and there is no ADA pedestrian ramp installed or if there is an older version of a pedestrian ramp you have to install one to current ADA standards.

  • What is the sidewalk replacement program?

    The sidewalk replacement program offered by the City of Helena is a loan package available to property owners to help offset the cost of sidewalk replacement. This is a no-interest loan over a period of 10 years. A statement is sent in December of the year the replacement occurred that explains the total amount due and the payment options. See the previous question for a list of payment options.

  • If I am responsible for maintenance and repairs of my sidewalk, how do I pay for the repairs?

    If you are on the Volunteer Sidewalk Replacement Program your options to pay are as follows:

    1.  Pay the total amount in full;

    2.  Pay part of the balance, with the remaining balance being covered by a no-interest loan through the City sidewalk replacement program; or

    3.  Make no payment initially, and the full amount will be subject to a low-interest loan through the City sidewalk replacement program.

  • There is a tree blocking the sidewalk. Can I trim it or does the city do this?

    It depends on the location of the tree.  You may trim trees, brush, or other plant material on your own property. See Section 7-10-16 of the Helena City Code for height guidelines.  Call the City of Helena Parks and Recreation Department at 447-8463 about trimming or removing trees, bushes, or other plant material from boulevards or other City-owned property.  The Parks Dept. will issue a work order for the trimming or removal.  They prioritize the work orders by starting with the most severe and hazardous first and then others as they come in. Cutting or removing trees from boulevards could subject you to a misdemeanor citation and a fine of up to $350 or up to 60 days in jail or both.  See Section 7-10-8 of the Helena City Code.  REMEMBER:  call before you cut.

  • Can I repair my damaged sidewalk myself or does someone else have to do this?

    You have a choice to either repair the sidewalk yourself or to hire a contractor to do the work for you.  If you do the work yourself, you must follow the Helena City Code 7-4-2 which has guidelines that must be followed when repairing your sidewalk. You must also obtain a sidewalk permit from the Building Division in the City/County Building located on the 4th floor at 316 North Park Avenue. Permits cost $5 for the first 70 feet and then $2 for each additional 50 feet. If you decide to hire the work out to a contractor make sure they have a Helena Business License.  You can contact the Building Division at 447-8437 or 447-8438 for more information. 

  • Do I have to fix the curb and gutter in addition to the sidewalk?

    Yes, as stated in city code Title 7, Chapter 4, Section 8 not only addresses the adjacent property is to fix sidewalks, but curb and gutter as well.

  • Are there alternatives to fix my sidewalk other than replacing the concrete?

    Are there alternatives to fix my sidewalk other than replacing the concrete?

    Yes, there are other options available to fix sidewalks besides pouring concrete, and they are:

    • grinding changes in level; or 
    • using polyurethane foam/mud to lift and level sections of the sidewalk. 

    While these methods may fix a majority of issues, they may not be appropriate for every situation. For instance, grinding can be used when there is a change in level between sidewalk panels not exceeding 2 inches in height. 

Snow & Ice Removal

  • When it snows, who is responsible for snow removal?

    Section 7-8-1A of the Helena City Code states that "Every owner of property within the city fronting on or abutting a paved or brick sidewalk on public rights of way must remove and clear away, or cause to be removed and cleared away, any snow or ice from that portion of the sidewalk in front of or abutting their property, from all portions of abutting ADA curb ramps and bulb outs, and from driveway aprons on rights of way that must be crossed for pedestrian travel, . . .”

  • Do I need to clear the full width of the sidewalk?

    Yes.  You need to clear the sidewalk from edge to edge allowing for a clear safe path for all pedestrians. Be sure to clear piles of snow and ice from ADA ramps, corners, bulb outs, and shovel drive ways and alley aprons where pedestrian travel crosses them.  If you cannot remove all the snow from the sidewalk clear at least a 48 inch wide path on the sidewalk.

  • Where may I place snow once it is cleared from the sidewalk?

    Snow must be stored on the site from which it originated like a boulevard or yard, and if it can't, the snow must be hauled away.  Snow may not be shoveled onto public streets, highways, alleys or sidewalks in such a manner as to create a hazard or potential hazard for pedestrians or automobiles. It is unlawful to pile snow in excess of 2½ feet in height from the street grade for a distance of 50 feet from an intersection. See Sections 7-8-7, 7-8-8, and 7-8-9 of the Helena City Code.

    **If there accessible (handicap) parking spaces near by, be considerate, and don’t place or store snow in the spaces or access isles.

  • What must I do to comply with snow removal requirements of the Helena City Code?

    Once the snow stops falling, you have to clear the sidewalk as soon as you can within certain times which are as follows:

    • Commercial Districts (B2-B3 zoning districts) 9 am of the next business day (M-F), 12:00 pm of the next non-business day (S-S), or within 4 hour business hours after snow/ice has been deposited, whichever is shorter. 
    • All other areas must remove snow/ice within 24 hours once snow has stopped or other cause of the accumulation. 


    Every property owner must keep the sidewalk in front of their property including ADA access ramp, bulb outs, driveways, and alley aprons clear of snow and ice where they are used for pedestrian travel.

  • Someone in my neighborhood is piling snow in the street, can anything be done to make them stop?

    Yes, if you wish to report someone for piling snow in such a manner as to create safety concerns, take pictures and record the vehicle make, model, license plate number, and, if visible, the company name so the proper individual(s) can be contacted to remove the hazard using the complaint form.  Without this information it is very difficult to locate the party responsible for piling the snow to have it removed.  

  • How do I report an address for not shoveling?

    If you wish to report a sidewalk snow and/or ice violation wait until the snow has stopped falling for 24 hours or until the countdown clock expires to report locations. Complaints can be submitted anonymously using one of the following methods:

    Be specific and describe the location of complaint by providing the address or a detailed description of the location (ex: on the NW corner of 11th and Rodney 3rd house in on the left) to ensure the area reported is the area inspected. If descriptions are vague or if reported before the countdown clock expires complaints may not be processed. 

  • If I don't clear my sidewalk will I be notified to do so?

    No.  The only notification you will receive will be a letter containing an invoice for the amount owed to clear the sidewalk along with a civil penalty. The charges are 18 cents per square foot to clear the sidewalk plus a civil penalty of $50 or 30% of the bill whichever is greater.  It means you need to plan ahead if you are going to go out of town and have someone lined up to shovel the sidewalks, ADA ramps, corners, bulb outs, and driveway and alley aprons used for pedestrian travel.

  • I received a l bill, must I pay it?

    Yes.  Upon inspection the sidewalk was not cleared of snow and/or ice resulting in a contractor being sent to clear the sidewalk.  The bill you received is for the cost to clear and a civil penalty.  Once a bill is sent, property owners have 30 days to pay it.  If the bill is not paid, the city can enforce through collections or levy an assessment on the fronting or abutting property or both.  In addition, there will be a charge of simple interest from the date the work was performed until it is collected.


  • Can I appeal the bill I was sent?

    Can I appeal the bill I was sent?

    Yes.  Appeals must be submitted within 15 days from the date of notification using the Snow/Ice Appeal Form. Upon receiving an appeal, it is sent to the city manager to review and issue a decision.  Once the decision is made, a letter is sent to the requesting party notifying them of the outcome of appeal whether approved or denied.  If denied, a new bill is included with the decision letter stating the amount owed.


  • Where are the classes held?

    Classes are held at Kay McKenna Park (located next to the Civic Center).

  • When are the lessons?

    We offer two sessions of tennis beginning the first Monday after school releases for the summer.  Each session is four weeks in length, Monday-Thursday for youth courses and adults lessons are Tuesday and Thursday.  Please check the Recreation Flyer on our website for more details. 

  • Do I have to pre-register for the lessons?

    Although this option is not ideal, you may fill out a registration form on the first day of lessons. The first option is for you to mail your registration form & check to: 

    Parks and Recreation
    316 N. Park Ave.
    Helena, MT  59623

  • Can students join at anytime?

    Yes, students may join at anytime for a pro-rated fee.

  • Does my child need to bring anything with them to the lessons?

    We supply balls and racquets for all students, although they are welcome to bring their own racquet.  We strongly encourage students to bring water and wear sunscreen.

  • Is there required foot ware?

    Yes, we ask that students wear shoes with a smooth bottom i.e. court shoe.

Urban Forestry (BLVD Trees)

  • I want to plant a new tree in my boulevard, what trees can I plant?

    The Urban Foresty Division has a list of permitted trees and a list along with a not permitted trees. To view this list, click here.

  • What do I have to do to get a tree planted in the boulevard in front of my home?

    Fill out the Tree/Boulevard Work Permit, save it to your computer and then e-mail it to the Parks and Recreation office or print it out and and return it to the office at 316 North Park, Helena, MT 59623. Call the Parks and Recreation office, 406-447-8463 if you would like the form mailed to you.  The city will review your request.

    Once your permit is approved, you may provide and plant the tree yourself. You may also apply for assistance with the cost of the tree from the city or from the Growing Friends of Helena organization. Assistance is available as funds permit.

    For more information on planting street trees refer to the Helena Arboricultural Standards.

  • Who sprays for caterpillars and insects in boulevard trees?

    The city crews will not spray for insects, etc. Contact a private contractor for this work.

  • Will the city remove a stump from the boulevard?

    Yes, stumps are ground down below ground level in the winter. If a stump needs to be removed, please call  406-447-8485.

  • How can I get my trees trimmed?

    First of all, the city trims only the trees within street rights of way. City crews will not enter private property to trim trees.

    To trim the most trees in a year, the city selects the streets where the trees need the most trimming.  After notifying homeowners, the tree maintenance crew will trim the trees from one end of the street to the other Monday through Thursday until all the trees are trimmed.

    If you have a street tree in front of your home that has hanging or broken branches, you may call 406-447-8485 to request the city to look at the trees. If the tree poses an immediate danger to homes, pedestrians, or vehicles, city crews will trim or remove it immediately.  Otherwise, the crew may determine the tree can wait for regular trimming or take care of it on a Friday.

  • What if a tree within the boulevard is too large for me to trim? Do I have to hire someone?

    What if a tree within the boulevard is too large for me to trim? Do I have to hire someone?

    No, the Helena Department of Parks and Recreation has an Urban Forestry division. The department schedules trimming of street trees throughout the year. The schedule includes about three to four streets a year.

  • What if my trees are not on the schedule, and I have broken branches or a dead or dying tree?

    If you wish to report broken branches or a dead or dying tree, please call 406-447-8485 Monday-Friday 7:00 am-3:30 pm. For tree emergencies after hours, call 911.


  • How do I get a job with city parks, pool, golf course, or recreation?

    Call the Human Resources at 406-447-8404 or the Parks & Recreation Department at 406-447-8463.

  • How do I get a map of city parks and local hiking trails?

    You can purchase map at the local sporting goods stores or you can use our interactive Helena trails map.