Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal

In Helena when the snow falls, the amounts can vary from a light dusting to several inches at a time making it difficult for pedestrians to walk safely on the sidewalks and rights-of-way.

If you wish to report a sidewalk snow and/or ice violation wait until the snow has stopped falling for 24 hours or until the countdown clock expires to report locations. Complaints can be submitted anonymously using one of the following methods:

Describe the location of complaint providing the address or a detailed description of the location (ex: on the NW corner of 11th and Rodney 3rd house in on the left) to ensure the area reported is the area inspected. If descriptions are vague or if reported before the countdown clock expires complaints may not be processed. For further information regarding sidewalk snow and ice issues contact the code enforcement officer at 406-447-8458.

Countdown clock for snow clearing:

The clock starts when snow stops falling and resets when snow begins falling again. Complaints must be reported only after clock expires.