Position Descriptions

Administrative & Financial Services
     Accounting Technician II
     Accounting Technician III
     Administrative Assistant III
     Administrative Services Director
     Budget and Studies Manager
     City Controller/Treasurer
  -Utility Customer Services
    Utility Accounting Technician
     Customer Services Supervisor

Attorney's Office
     Legal Administrative Assistant
     Legal Administrative Assistant III
     City Attorney
     Deputy City Attorney
     Deputy City Attorney - Prosecutor
    Victims Services Specialist    

Community Facilities/Civic Center
     Administrative Assistant III
     Auditorium Technical Director
     Building Maintenance Tech I & II  (combo)
     Building Maintenance Tech IV  
     Civic Center General Manager
     Community Facilities Superintendent
  -City/County Admin Building
     Building Maintenance Tech I
     Building Maintenance Tech III
     CCAB Mail Delivery/PBX Clerk
     Facilities Manager
     Receptionist/Accounting Tech   

Commission Office
     Clerk of the Commission
    Deputy City Clerk
    Citizens Council Coordinator

Community Development
  -Administration & Planning
    Administrative Assistant III
     Community Development Director
     Planner I / II
     Planner II/Grants Coordinator
     Sr. Planner

     Administrative Assistant I
     Administrative Assistant II
     Chief Building Official
     Combination Building Inspector
     Plans Examiner
     Sr. Plans Examiner

Fire Department
     Administrative Coordinator
     Assistant Fire Chief
     Battalion Chief
     Deputy Fire Marshal
     Fire Chief
     Fire Marshal
     Firefighter I & II
     Firefighter Probationary & Confirmed

Human Resources
    HR Specialist
    Payroll Specialist
    Human Resource Director
    HR/Benefits Specialist

Manager's Office
    City Manager
    Public Information and Special Projects Coordinator

Municipal Court
    Court Administrator
    Court Clerk
    Deputy Court Clerk

Parking Control
    Administrative Assistant III
    Administrative Clerk
    Maintenance Tech I
    Sr. Maintenance Tech
    Parking Control Officer
    Parking Manager
    Ramp Cashier

Parks & Recreation
    Administrative Assistant III
    Parks & Recreation Director
    Weed/Code Enforcement Officer
      Recreation & Aquatics Program Manager
  -Golf Course

    Assistant Golf Superintendent
    Food & Beverage Manager
    Golf Course Mechanic
    Golf Course Superintendent 
    Golf Operations Manager/Head Golf Pro
    Golf Teaching Assistant  
  -Natural Resources
      Open Lands Manager
    Parks Arborist
    Parks Maintenance Supervisor
    Parks Maintenance Worker
    Parks Superintendent

Police Department
     Administrative Assistant II
     Administrative Coordinator
     Assistant Chief
     Chief of Police
     Evidence Clerk
     Evidence Technician
  -Animal Control
     Animal Control Officer
  -Support Services Division (SSD)
     9-1-1 Dispatch Supervisor
     Public Safety Telecommunicator (Dispatcher)
     Public Safety Systems Administrator
     Records Clerk
     Records Clerk/Dispatcher

Public Works
     Assistant Public Works Director - Finance 
     Public Works Director
     Administrative Assistant III
     City Engineer
     Civil/Transportation Engineer
     Code Enforcement & Weed Control
     Engineering Technician
     Pretreatment Coordinator
     Sr. Engineering Technician
     Stormwater Engineer
  -Capitol Transit
     Administrative Assistant III
     Dispatcher/Transit Clerk
     Transit Operator/Dispatcher
     Transit Operations Coordinator
     Transit Supervisor
     Administrative Assistant III
     Fleet Coordinator/Mechanic
     Shop Laborer
  -Solid Waste-Recycling
     SW Administrative Assistant III
     SW Admin Supervisor & Recycling Program Coordinator 
     SW Equipment Operator I
     SW Equipment Operator II
      SW Scale Operator
     SW Special Waste/Refrigerant Tech-Operator III
     SW Superintendent
     SW & Recycling Operations Supervisor
     SW Tip Floor/Scale Operator
  -Streets & Traffic
     Administrative Assistant III
     Streets Equipment Operator III
     Street Supervisor
     Streets, Traffic and Fleet Services Superintendent
     Traffic Control Tech I
     Traffic Control Tech III
     Traffic Signal/I&C Tech
  -Utility Maintenance
     Administrative Assistant III
     Metering & Backflow Prevention Program Supervisor
     Sewer & Storm Systems Maintenance Supervisor
     Utility GIS Analyst
     Utility Maintenance Superintendent
     Utility Worker In Training & I
     Utility Worker II
     Utility Worker III
     Utility Worker IV
     Water Distribution Supervisor
  -Wastewater Treatment Plant
     Administrative Assistant III (Water & Wastewater)
     Wastewater Lab Tech - Operator
     Wastewater Plant Maint. Mechanic - Operator
     Wastewater Plant Operator Trainee
     Wastewater Plant Operator I - III
     Wastewater Sludge Disposal - Maint Mechanic
     Wastewater Treatment Superintendent
     Electrician / I&C Technician  
  -Water Treatment Plant
     Water Plant Operator In Training
     Water Plant Operator I - III
     Water Production Superintendent
     Water Treatment Supervisor